January 16, 2014

Mrs. Faccio's 4th Grade Newsletter

What's Up in the Classroom?

Math - We've finished unit 4 and will be testing tomorrow. Students are expected to know about factors, composite and prime numbers and multiples. Their test will consist of these concepts along with story problems and writing equations with variables. They will be moving onto measurement Monday in their "best fit" classroom.

Writing - Grammar has been the focus for the last couple of weeks but we are moving on next week to research writing. Students will be researching a Native American group from Wisconsin. They will have guiding questions but they will also get to add information of their choice to their report to show their understanding of their chosen tribe.

Social Studies - Students will finish up a rotation on Monday that taught them about 4 specific Native American tribes from Wisconsin. They will then pick one tribe to further research.

Spelling - Students will have a new sort next week.

Language Arts - Making inferences is the focus for next week. Students will learn how to use details and examples from a text to explain what the text says explicitly and to draw inferences from the text.

MAP Testing

We officially started our first MAP test on the iPad today. The kids were very flexible as the test was not working this morning so we had to switch to the afternoon. Students get as much time as they need so some of them will be finishing tomorrow or Monday. They will be taking their math MAP test next week. I am planning on Tuesday as long as there is availability from our library support staff. I will post the date on the planner.

Important Dates

January 21 - Timbertail Day

January 23 - End of quarter 2

January 24 - No school for students


Please continue to check the planner nightly with your child. The day's learning is recorded there and also important reminders and tests!! The website is www.faccio5.weebly.com. It is also a link on your child's iPad.