Deprivation of human life.


Auschwitz was a concentration camp. A concentration camp is where nazis held prisoners (mostly jews) and made them work ect. Auschwitz was built in 1940 in Poland and was the largest camp. Auschwitz has three main camps, four barracks, and a crematory (where bodies were burned). concentration camps were used mainly for mass murder, but they were originally built to give SS officers a place to live. Auschwitz was open for about 5 years, liberation was in 1945 and the majority of the prisoners were freed.


When you arrive you leave your belongings on the train and jump out. Everyone is divided into two groups: women and children or men. Then you are asked your age and profession, if your are too old or unable to work you are sent in the line to the crematory or gas chambers, strong and healthy people go to barracks and work camps.

Life in Auschwitz

Obviously life was very hard in Auschwitz, barracks were crowded with 12 people per bunk. items, clothes, and food were often stolen from person to person. The soup was made with human flesh. Even children had to help burn dead bodies and babies. Living in Auschwitz made many people go insane.


Nazi's preformed many cruel experiments. Peter Chroust was one of the head doctors, he preformed most experiments in Auschwitz. Peter wanted to find a way to to remove someones leg (or any body part) and switch it with someones else's leg (or other body part). It was unsuccessful because most patients died from infections or deseas from the other limbs blood.

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