How has Arinotical Engenering

affected our U.S millitary and dayle lives

Made our U.S millitary stronger

Arinotical engineering has allowed our U.S Military (all branches) to become much more powerful by being able to drop bombs on our enemy's and allowing us to search and rescue lost troops ~ Franklin D Roosevelt

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It has allowed us to have a tactical advantage using bombs fighter and drop planes to drop tropes onto battle or to save tropes out of battle so we can remain victorious

How has arinotical engenering effect our evry day life

There is continued speculation regarding funding of the US Space Program and NASA research in general. Planning future explorations in space is expensive, but many counter by arguing that research needed to continue programs like NASA has benefited people in numerous ways. One of the keenest arguments for continuing research is to list the number of ways in which it has affected daily life. We owe many modern inventions we take for granted to NASA.

Some NASA research has led to distinct improvements in medicine. Among these, we owe the development of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology, which allows for a much clearer picture of certain body systems. Laser technology developed by NASA has been used to create laser eye surgery. Neuromuscular stimulation is used to help people with spinal injuries, and the ocular screening system developed by the US space program has made eye examinations a much simpler process. Many prosthetics for people who have lost limbs owe part of their design to materials invented or developed by NASA.

Research has also led to one of the most important devices all people should have in their homes: smoke detectors. Smoke detectors save lives regularly, reducing injury and warning people so they can get out of homes or other structures when a fire is first detected. (NASA)

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NASA our world largest Ariotical engineering company/firm they have brought us advance in the medical that has saved our many peoples lives with machines such as MRI'S with allow a much clearer view of our bodily organs
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