Performing Band Update 9/8/22


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  • You can click the ticket link below or use the QR code below.
  • Tickets are $6.
  • Make sure you select the Evans band after you click Book Now.
  • Students who are performing do not need a ticket.
  • Children under 4 do not need a ticket.
  • All proceeds benefit the Evans Band.
  • You can either print your tickets or save to your phone. They will also be emailed to you.
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Band Extravaganza Itinerary September 20, 2022

4:15pm 7th Grade dinner in the Cafeteria

8th Grade dinner in the Band Hall

5:00pm Load Busses for Lowery Field

5:15pm Depart for Lowery Field

5:40pm Practice with MHS feeder pattern in the stands - Any Way You Want It - (Pass out water)

6:00pm Begin to move to field for Mass Band Rehearsal/Sweet Caroline

6:45pm All bands return to stands -

(pass out water and snack)

7:30pm Event Begins

9:00pm Buses depart for Evans MS (water and snack)

9:30pm Arrive at Evans MS

All students must return to Evans MS for prompt parent pick-up at 9:30pm. There will be no check out for students at Lowery Field. This is the district’s policy for this event to help insure student safety.

Band Extravaganza Volunteers


Please click on the link to sign up to help.

If you will be volunteering to help the band in the future, please click the link and fill out the LISD background check information.

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Thank you parents for bringing your child to their weekly band sectional. We get so much done in such a short period of time and cover the music we can't during class. We will continue with sectionals until Nov. 4th.

Practice Records

Don't forget to sign your child's practice record weekly. They will turn them in every Monday. Ideally we hope that they will practice a minimum of 3 times a week for a total of 90 minutes or a combination that will add up to 90 minutes. Remember that if your child comes to the band hall before or after school to get in their time, Mrs. Ledbetter or Mr. Franks will sign their initials on the practice record to let you know that they really came and practiced.
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The fundraiser is now due. If you participated, please make sure all money and order forms have been turned in. We will send out and email an Remind text when the product will be delivered towards the beginning of October.

Band Booster Club and Car Decals

If you made a donation to the band booster club by becoming a member, your child will receive your car decal by Friday of this week. It is also not too late to join the booster club. Use the link below to join.

Band Donors and Corporate Sponsors

Thank you to all of our donors and Corporate Sponsors! We couldn't do it without your support!

The Skyler Gutierrez Family

The Wyatt Fuller Family

The Logan Plunkett Family

The Connor Reeves Family

The Carlos Cortez Family

The Randy Murphrey Family

The Conner Finley Family

The Carson Blodgett Family

The Hannah Gurley Family

The Collier Whitaker Family

The Denham Nino Family

The Giana Rocha Family

The Hannah Ferguson Family

The Jace Runnels Family

The Rihan Vanapalli Family

The Allison Clifford Family

The Logan Clayton Family

The Ryan Martin Family

The Olivia Cushman Family

The Bella Andrews Family

The Ben Vann Family

The Andres Palomo Family

The Coleman McIlroy Family

The Jesse Mitchell Family

The Andrew O'Neal Family

The Noah Mojica Family

The Cameron Tubbs Family

The Christian Carpenter Family

The Lauren Gonzales Family

The Jenni Hammons Family

The Delaney Melton Family

The Ben Norman Family

The Bristol Smith Family

The Lafe Smith Family

The Elena Tijerina Family

The Barrett Urlaub Family

The Landon Wolfe Family

The Haleigh Sartain Family

The Austin Ponce Family

The Casen Prindle Family

The Kalysen Noel Family

The Brayden Martinez Family

Corporate Sponsors

Please send me a business card if you haven't already with your information so we can make sure you are recognized in the next newsletter.
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