Eastside: One Team, One Dream

"We never lose. We either win or we learn. - Nelson Mandela

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Week of February 10th

Eastside's Mission

Our mission is to build a strong educational foundation while meeting the unique needs of our students.

Eastside's Vision

Working in partnership with the community, Eastside Elementary will provide all students:

  • A collaborative team of professionals who are committed to improve their practices, so that all students learn at high levels

  • A safe, positive, and inviting learning environment

  • An engaging and challenging curriculum focused on essential academics and life skills

  • Individualized and timely support that provides students with what they need to succeed

On the Road to a Model PLC

By the end of this month, the application for Model PLC School will be submitted! Working on this application has been great to see our growth as a school! All of you are an integral part of what makes Eastside special! Your individual growth as a professional has been exciting to see everyone's journey. We are in mid February! Just a few more months left with our precious students to provide a rigorous, enriching education. ONE TEAM ONE DREAM!

Reminder of what I said during the staff meeting: I am not out to catch anyone doing things wrong. If I see something that is not correct, I will correct you. This is not me being cruel. This is me doing my job. If you are always doing your job, there will be no issues. Please ask me if you have a question about your duties and responsibilities. I am always available to set up a time to speak with you.

Be aware of the importance of each day!

  • 35 important practices until K-2 Summative MAP (THE BIG GAME April 13-17)
  • 40 important practices until 3rd-4th Summative ACT (THE BIG GAME - April 20 - 22)
  • 45 important practices until 5th Summative ACT (THE BIG GAME - April 27-29)

Much Love for Hattie during the month of love

How's your Hattie board looking? You should have at least one strategy colored in from this past week. The requirement is to get 5 in a column. There are 4 weeks in February so you only have 4 strategies in a column. In your lesson plans in February, you will state "We Love Hattie" and then list your strategy and what content will be with this. Make sure your Hattie board is posted in your room. If you want to also do one of the rows going across without a heart free space, you will get a drink of your choice at the end of February. If you choose to cover your board and do all 12 strategies in the month, you will get your drink of choice, a chance to win a $25 gift card and a chance to win having your class covered for 30 minutes by admin.

See email from Ms. Franklin about Jigsaw resources.

See below to hear from Mr. Hope and Mrs. McWilliams about using Hattie in their rooms.

I also shared out with you the Google doc with all the strategies and resources in one place created by Coach Winn.

Hattie's Corner: Great Strategies Shared by our own Teachers

Mr. Hope Shares about Hattie "Stratties"

I was doing a survey the other day and it asked “What do you think makes a good teacher?” I responded with “someone who uses best practices to engage their students.” With all the research John Hattie has done showing the growth students make it is clear the strategies he suggests are best practice. In my classroom I really like problem solving as our main course. It is great for solving our application problems almost on a daily basis. It allows each student to do their own critical thinking, which allows the discussion to be student driven by their work as the examples. Another strategy is reciprocal teaching, which I think I do my own version but the kids like it. We will have learned a concept and then I allow students to solve a problem; I try to choose students who answer it differently to be the teachers of the small groups. Kids routinely ask if I am allowing them to teach this time during class! Also, jigsaw is probably my weakest strategy, but I allow the kids to learn a newer part of a concept in groups and then we do one stay and rest stray to see how other groups did problem solving in their group. Either way the kids are engaged, discussing with others, and growing in their learning without sitting and getting from me every time (as good as I think I may be, ha!)

The best part is when I tell the students we are about to do an activity they say “is this one of those Hattie “straties”?”

Mrs. McWilliams Shares how using Hattie has impacted the Literacy Classroom

John Hattie’s strategies for teaching and learning have not only helped me grow as an educator, but they have also increased the level of engagement towards learning in the classroom. By creating and discussing learning targets and success criteria, our students know what goals they are working on and toward, what the end goal is and looks like, and the steps of how to get there. This also creates a sense of self efficacy and teamwork within the classroom. Each student knows they have to do their part to be successful and to help the “team” be successful with our Smart Goals. I am now more targeted and intentional with my lesson planning, as well as Tier II time. Our students are very data driven and eager to see results from all forms of assessment. Our students enjoy being in charge of their learning through Hattie’s learning strategies. They really enjoy the Jigsaw Method. They like being able to check their work with peers, as well as teach their peers their new-found knowledge, and the strategies they used to get there. I’ve observed quality discussions of students speaking the language of learning, along with students taking pride in their work! There is nothing more satisfying than that!

Sweeps this Week

We will be taking the Sped Team to sweep with us this week! Sped team, Mrs. Krogman and I will gather you up at some point this week and we will be on the lookout for engagement using our new defined what engagement looks like, sounds like, and feels like.

Details for the Week


  • Click this link for the board. Bring It On Board Feb 10-14 The board is open for everyone to sign up!

  • How is your hallway and room looking for conferences? Work posted in the hallways and classroom should show rigor. Post what learning target/I Can statement it addressed and/or Hattie strategy, so parents can see the connection. K-2 should have writings posted in the hall. Prior to Tuesday, take down the old All Star work of your student and place a new one there. Leave a note with Mrs. Patty about the name you need on the star and we will get these made for you. Your classroom should be inviting and free of clutter. I have noticed a few rooms have begun to clutter up. Take a bird's eye view of what parents will see when they enter your room and address any issues.

  • Student data notebooks: Make sure these are updated for conferences.


  • SIT comments will be for 2nd and 3rd grade

  • DIBELS PM will be for grades K-2.

  • MAP PM will be for grades 2nd and 3rd grade


  • Make sure you are watching the school news. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VUYAtFaego
  • Hillman works with teams
  • 1st grade 8:20 - 9:50 (move around your day so you can still do phonics and small group reading)
  • 2nd grade 9:50 - 11:20 (move around your day so you can still do phonics and small group reading)
  • Kinder 11:20 - 12:20 and 12:50 - 1:20
  • 3-5 Math team
  • 1:20 - 2:20 3-5 Lit team 2:20 - 3:20


  • EES Feb 11 and 13 Schedule
  • February 11th PD

  • Hillman here to work with teams. See schedule for more information.
  • Early Release Day for students. All staff will work until 3:40. Make sure you have arranged for childcare that afternoon.
  • Board Meeting at 6 PM


  • Make sure Mrs. Patty has a copy of your conference list by today. No conferences will be scheduled prior to conference times.
  • PTO Executive Board meets at 3:40 to discuss Fall Festival funds and how it will be spent.
  • Make sure you have expressed your ideas on the form sent out by Mrs. Krogman.Fall Festival $ 2020
  • SIT meets


  • EES Feb 11 and 13 Schedule
  • Please list any support you need with academic, behavior, or attendance for conference night. February 2020 Conference Support
  • Early release day for students. Classified staff will work until 3:40.
  • Parent Teacher conferences will begin at 2:00 - 7:00. Make sure you have arranged for childcare that afternoon.
  • Mexican food for conference night (Krogman said that is your cheat meal for the week)


  • #Loveteaching Week kicks off (special surprise coming)

  • Clubs 7:50 - 8:10

  • Dismiss to class at 8:10 - take lunch count and attendance

  • Math team collaborates

  • Spirit Day in PE Building at 8:30

  • Kinder and 5th grade will take block at 9:30 - 10:20 (Mrs. Krogman will send out more details on this)

  • Rotary club will be reading to some classes at 10 AM

  • Valentine Parties at 2 PM

Great Learning in Action

Important Dates (Refer to EES 2019- 20 Calendar shared by Mrs. Krogman)

Feb 17 - No School President Day

Feb 18 - Team Meeting Day

Feb 18 - Lil' Dribblers at 7 PM

Feb 20 -Dr Deal with kinder and 1st grade at 8:30

Feb 21 - Club day (Mayor Hartwick will be with Woodworking Club)

Feb 25 - Spring Picture Day

Feb 25 - Education Northwest from Oregon visits

Feb 25 - Lil' Dribblers perform 7:00 PM

Feb 26 - Team Meeting Day and Guiding Coalition meets at 3:10

Feb 27 - Digital Learning Day

Feb 28 - New Club sign up day


March 2-3 Dr. Howse with Math teachers (rescheduled from original dates)

March 4 - Team Meeting day and Guiding Coalition meets at 3:10

March 6 - Clubs/Dr Seuss Day/Spirit Day

March 10 - Board Meeting 6 PM

March 11 - Team Meeting Day

March 12 - End of Third Nine Weeks / PTO Meeting

March 13 - Staff Meeting 7:40

March 16th week - Book Fair

March 16-17 Mrs. Bailey will be with us

March 17 - Math and Wellness Night 6 PM

March 18 - Team Meeting and Principal from Gravette Elementary to see our school and Guiding Coalition meets at 3:10

March 20 - Clubs/Awards Assembly

March 20th - Teacher Tailgate hosted by 4th grade and PTO

April 24th - Teacher Tailgate hosted by 5th grade and PTO


Words to Live By This Month


Character Word of the Month = Kindness