Peek at the Week

November 16-20 4th Grade Mrs. Lanz

I am not a Turkey! (project)

Dear Families,

We need your help! Students brought home items for this project on Wednesday . Help this turkey make it safely past Thanksgiving by disguising him.

Turkeys that have made it through in the past have been dressed like ballerinas, football players, farmers, hula dancers, Elvis, etc. Think of something unique or special to your family and disguise your turkey accordingly.

Please have fun and be creative! You may use anything you can think of to decorate. Family turkeys in the past have been decorated with crayons, macaroni, craft feathers, tissue paper, wallpaper scraps, dried beans, rice, clothes and shoes cut from newspaper adds, ribbons, fabric scraps, etc.

Please follow these directions when disguising your turkey.

Cut out the turkey.

Decide how to disguise him and have fun.

Write a description of the disguise, as if the turkey is talking(using the paper sent home) Explain how the turkeys movements, choices, activities, appearance and more clearly demonstrate how they are not a turkey.

Return to school by November 19th.

Thanks for your support!

Mrs. Lanz

What's Coming Up

Science: Students will begin a unit focusing on Rocks and Earth Materials with Mrs. Schulz for the next 3 weeks.

Writing: Students will work on drafting their narrative. Their Turkey project is due on Thursday the 19th.

Reading: Students will read the story Seeker of Knowledge and use biographies and picture books to continue to explore the theme, What it Takes to Achieve Your Hopes and Dreams.

Math: We will start a unit focusing on fractions.

Parents as Math Partners A presentation from Wayzata Schools

A presentation from Wayzata Schools sharing some math learning resources, games, apps and puzzles:

The Balancing Act of Supporting Math Learning at Home

STAR of the Week

We are so excited to learn more about Sienna as our STAR of the Week!

Calling All Scientists and Engineers!

Birchview will once again be hosting a school wide S.T.E.M day on January 14th and we are looking for volunteers to present to our classes at 9:45 and 10:30 a.m. If you work in a field that involves Science, Technology, Engineering or Math we would love to have you.

See Letter Below:

Calling all Scientists and Engineers

Dear Scientists, Engineers, Mathematicians and Technologists,

Birchview Elementary will once again be hosting a school wide S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering, math) day on January 14th and we are looking for volunteers to present to our classes at 9:45 and 10:30. If you work in a field where you use any part of S.T.E.M. and would like to come present/demonstrate some of what you do, we would love to have you. Here is specifically what we are looking for in the presentations:

1. Explanation of the field you are in and what you do on a day to day basis

2. Demonstration of the work you do

a. This could be models, experiments, design process, PowerPoint, pictures, etc.

3. A Question and Answer period

4. The presentation timeframe would be about 30 minutes (First grade should be a little less than 30 minutes.)

We want to give our students a glimpse into careers that focus on any part of S.T.E.M. and what they entail. Presenters can be family members or friends of family members. Last year we had parents, grandparents and volunteers from the community. If you know someone who might be interested please pass the information and my name and contact information on to him or her. Last year we had 2 -3 presenters per grade level, it would be wonderful if we had enough for one per class this year.

If you are interested in presenting or would like more information to see if what you do would work for a presentation, please contact

Danielle Miller, Vision 21 teacher

(763) 745-5351

Thank you, this was an amazing experience for our students last year and many of them have stopped me in the hallway asking when our STEM day is this year.

Regions Postcard Project

We will continue our study of the regions of the United States throughout the school year. However we need your help. Our goal is to collect postcards from each of the 50 states. We will begin by reaching out to friends and relatives in the MIDWEST REGION (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.) Do you know someone who lives in or will be visiting these states? If so, you can help!

All you need to do is send them our address: A personal note is encouraged, but not required.

Mrs. Lanz’s Class

425 Ranchview Ln. N

Plymouth, MN 55447

We will be displaying postcards on our bulletin board to help us get to know the regions of our country.

Thank you in advance for your help!


We are finishing our read aloud, Fish in a Tree, this week. We have grown with Ally throughout the book and laughed and cried along with her. Students are excited for the ending, but not ready to end our daily interactions with all the characters! Ask your student to share their favorite event, character, saying, mind movie or sketch from the book with you this week.

Important Dates to Remember

Community Service Night 19th 6:30-8:00
I am not a Turkey project due Nov. 19th
No School for Thanksgiving Break Nov. 25-27

Our Schedule

Day 1: Music/P.E.
Day 2: Art Library 12:40-1:10(this has just changed from Day 3 to Day 2)
Day 3: Music/P.E.
Day 4: Technology
Day 5: Spanish

Spelling Words

1. morning
2. forest
3. garbage
4. form
5. alarm
6. corner
7. story
8. argue
9. backyard
10. start
11. partner
12. storm
13. Florida
14. apartment
15. sport
16. force
17. forward
18. sharp
19. garden
20. Arkansas
Challenge Words:
21. equivalence
22. observation
23. minerals
24. strategy
25. generalize

Homework Sites

Xtra Math

Students should work on their fact skills at their own pace daily.

Spelling City

Our spelling words will be posted here weekly and students can use this as a place to practice their words.


Math skills are organized by standard and will be assigned in class and occasionally for homework.


I will add flashcards as we use them in class for Social Studies and other classes