Texas State University

Mi colegio en al futuro

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What are the requirements for Texas State ?

Must have earned all credits in core clasess and assured admissio is a SAT score of 920 and higher , ACT score of 20 + , and if you in the top 10 % .

The Bobcat

The Bobcat has been the mascot since 1921and his name is " Boko " .

Town information about San Marcos

San Marcos is a beautiful city ! The population is about 55,000 & growing . This area is mostly rural .
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Bobcat Facts !

When ever the bobcats win an athletic victory or during graduation , there is a huge star in the sky (lteraly a sign shaped as a star ) that lights up to celebrate these moments in bobcat history .Tthe tradtion started back in 1942 by a night watch man .

Another intresting thing is the Alumni House , which is one of the oldest buildings on campus being built in 1896 .

Clubs And Organizations

One Program i really am looking forward to is the " Stutters " presicion dance team . Its somethings i would love to try and be part of once i get into college .

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Freshman at Texas State

There are about 5,000 freshman that get accepted and enroll to texas state out of the whole 15,000 that apply .


The rough estimated total for housing and food cost would be around 11,600 plus another 9,000 for classes/ semesters .

Career Path

The career path i am on right now follows along the lines of dance . I want to major in Dance and hopefully go into becoming a choreagrapher for big time groups or a dance teacher .

Presente Subjuntivo

  • AR-
  • e-
  • es- emos-
  • e-
  • en-
  • ER-
  • a-
  • as- amos-
  • a-
  • an-


_______ + que _____(subj.)

  1. Present
  2. weirdo ( 2 verbos / sujetos )
  3. pronombre

Requirement for My Major

For a dance major at Texas State University you must take classes that follow with dance like Dance History, Ballet , Modern Dance and something intresting you have to take Anatomy for Human Movement as well as other things to get a dance major .

Weirdo !

  • W - wish ,want , hope
  • E - emotions , feelings
  • I - impersonal expression
  • R - request , recommendations
  • D - doubt , disbelief , denial , uncertainty
  • O - order , command


W - 1.) Mi colegio quiere que tenga una puntuacion de 920 en mi SAT .

2.) Espero que logre mucho en el colegio .

E- 1.) Estoy muy contenta de intendar cosas nuevas en el colegio.

2.) Tengo miedo de que me pierda en el colegio .

I - 1.) Es importante que estudiar para hacer buenas calificaciones .

2.) Es importante que me este motivado .

R - 1.) Mi colegio recomiendan que tome el ballet para mi baile principal .

2.) Mi mama recomiendan que tenga buenas amigas .

D - 1.) Yo dudo que no me divierta.

2.) Yo dudo que no es va hacer facil .

O - 1.) Mis padres ordenan que me porta bien .

2.) mis padres ordenan que tenga mucho cuidado .