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Creating and following a plan to success

Hello GBS Bobcats;

We've had quite a bit going on this past week, not the least of which was testing. Similar testing also continues in earnest this week and next. Testing is an invaluable asset to our teachers, and school as a whole benefits from the effort.

To explain why, I am reminded of a scene from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. In order to make any plan for improvement, whether as a student, or in our career, perhaps regarding family matters, etc., we must first know where we have been, where we are now, and then where we want to go. Otherwise, we risk ending up like poor lost Alice, who, questioning the Cheshire Cat, asked:

“‘Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to walk from here?’ ‘That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,’ said the Cat. ‘I don’t much care where—’ said Alice. ‘Then it doesn’t matter which way you walk,’ said the Cat” (Carroll, 1865, p. 89).

Obviously, we do (or at least should!) care where we end up, unlike the befuddled Alice. Yet first, we need to know where we currently stand, and how that compares to where we have been, as that will inform our plan of action to get wherever it is that we wish to go. This testing helps us do exactly that, so thank you all for your willingness to participate and engage in this valuable assessment. We appreciate all of our students and families their support and participation, as these tests give us valuable metrics and data points that we can use to gauge academically where students have been, where students are now, and (perhaps most importantly) helps us make plans for where we ought to be going, and efforts needed to get there.

Thank you all for everything you do. Our school could not and would not be the amazing place that it is without everyone and every role they play in it. You are appreciated!


- Joe Wright

Assistant Principal.

Quote of the Day:

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

—Abraham Lincoln

Recent photos from around GBS:

Check out these recent GBS photos!

Recent School / Community Events / News

Track Wrap-up: this past Monday, May 15th, the track team wrapped up their final event. Thank you all for participation, especially Ms. Kidd and Ms. Young for coaching our speedy Bobcats!

Spring Concert: On Wednesday, May 17th, we hosted here at GBS our choir and band Spring Concert, first for our student body, and then later that evening for the community. Great job everyone, and special thanks to Ms. Fifield and Mr. Cogan for getting everyone ready to perform and to do their best!

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Upcoming School / Community Events / News

Softball: The Lady Bobcats had several matches this past week. Just yesterday, they had another home game against Winchester, and today, they have another one against SMS. That game will occur at ConVal HS, Tuesday, May 23th, at 3:00 PM. Hope to see you there!

Athletic Open House: this evening, Tuesday, May 23rd, at 5-6:30 PM, ConVal HS will host an Athletics Info Night; for more info, see: Flyer

Holiday Weekend: Students have this Friday, May 26th and Monday, May 29th off for teacher professional development (Friday) and Memorial Day (Monday).

Semi-Formal (8th graders): This will be occurring Friday, June 2nd. It will occur from 6:30-8:30 PM; check in with your 8th grade teachers for more info re: tickets, etc.

Spring Mountain Biking Group: Hosted every Thursday from 4:30-6:30 PM by Avenue A, this community group wants to invite you to come biking with them. See: flyer for more info.

Monadnock Community Hospital Celebration: Did you know that this year marks 100 years that MCH has been here in Peterborough? Come join us celebrate! Free health screenings, and family friendly events all day long! See: flyer for more info.

Roller Skating Night: Our final community Roller Skating night for the year happens Saturday, June 3rd, from 6-9 PM at GBS. The theme is Luau, so come in your most colorful attire! Flyer here.

Peterborough Swim Club: If you are interested, see here for joining this local swim club. Registrations due by June 7.

8th Grade Celebration: In commemoration of our 8th graders moving on to HS, we'll be having our annual event on Thursday, June 15th at 6 PM here at GBS. Make sure to put it on your calendar!

Middle School Writers' Society: If you love writing / reading, check out this group! Hosted by Avenue A, they'd love to chat more with you. See: flyer.

Days of Summer Counselor Prep Program: Do you love the outdoors, working with kids, and want to learn more about becoming a summer camp counselor? Then check out this program with Antrim Recreation.

- Counselor Prep Program Flyer

- Program Schedule, Info, etc.

Summer School Info: For more info about upcoming summer school opportunities for middle schoolers, see this letter.

Summer Silegy Camp: If you enjoy soccer, check out this summer soccer camp opportunity

Antrim Fall Soccer Signups: If you are interested, see this flyer. Registration deadlines start as soon as July 28th; don't miss out!

Grand Monadnock Youth Choir: Fall Signups are happening! For more info, see: flyer or visit here to register!

Bobcat Transitions!

We are busy with transition activities for our incoming Bobcats. Ambassador days are Wednesday and Thursday, when GBS student ambassadors visit the elementary schools to show a welcome video, and answer questions that the fourth graders may have. The fourth graders will visit us on Fly Up Day, on Monday, June 5th for a tour, activities and a musical presentation. We will have a Family Orientation night in August prior to school starting so that parents/guardians can come in and take a tour. Will send out a hold the date when the date is set!

GBS Mission & Vision Statements

The Mission of the Great Brook School community is to foster the growth of creative thinkers and confident learners who see the world through a compassionate lens.

The Vision of Great Brook School is to collaborate to create an inclusive, caring, and responsive environment that provides innovative and rigorous opportunities for learning and personal growth.

Community Resources | Events | Opportunities

Bus Drivers Needed!

If you are interested in this opportunity, click here.

Specifically, we are in need of the following drivers / routes:

x5 - drivers for charter (i.e. drivers for field trips and sports trips). Including 1 or 2 driver that can drive in and out of the Boston area

x1 driver - Francestown Route

x1 driver - Temple Route

x3 drivers - Peterborough Route

x1 driver - Dublin Route

x1 driver - Greenfield

x5 drivers for sped transportation throughout the district

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Summer Band Opportunity

Hello Conval Middle School Families,

Our Summer courses are quickly approaching and we wanted to share our exciting music course with you! If you have a student that already plays a band instrument and would like to keep playing over the summer, you may sign your child up for Middle School Summer Academy.

In Summer Band, SMS and GBS band students will work together to learn pop tunes or other music that you don’t typically explore during the school year band program. Students will also learn how to arrange songs or write their own music. Summer Band course runs Monday through Thursday, 8am - 10am from July 5th to July 27th.

If your student has not participated in band and would like to explore band opportunities for the school year, they may sign up for Exploratory Band. Exploratory Band runs Monday through Thursday, 10:15am - 12:15pm from July 5th to July 27th.

Please sign up through our Summer Program registration! Note, the courses will only run if there is sufficient enrollment.

For additional information, please reach out to Amy Janoch, Director of Learning Recovery: or Claire Fifield, Summer Band Instructor:

Rekindling Curiosity | NHDE Summer Camp | Click Here!

This summer opportunity is hosted by the NH Department of Education | Scholarships available! Note: This is NOT a ConVal SAU Sponsored Event

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Camp Scholarship Opportunity:

The Grand Monadnock Rotary Charitable Fund is sponsoring summer camp scholarships for middle school students in the ConVal School District and Harrisville. The scholarships are for two weeks at Brantwood Camp. Applications are available through the SMS and GBS counselors, or from the Grand Monadnock Rotary Foundation. Information is available about the camps at their website, Applications submitted in the next two weeks will be considered as scholarship money and slots are available. See the flyer here for more information.

In Search of Mental Health Services?

If you are looking for outpatient mental health services for someone in your family, LifeStance provides behavioral health services in our area. They have clinicians based in Peterborough, as well as other offices throughout New Hampshire, and can provide services via telehealth. They are also bringing on new clinicians regularly, so may have immediate availability to see new patients.
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Free Suppers | Every Tuesday Night! | Click Here

All are welcome to come to the community supper event. Click the link to learn more.

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