Jane Smith

A Colonial Baker

My Life as a Colonial Person

Hi! My name is Jane Smith and I am married to John Smith. We have two children, Felicity and Henry. Our family lives in a simple wooden home. Our home has only one room where we sleep and where I cook. I do my cooking in the fireplace. We are very happy but we work hard.

As a baker during colonial times, I work out of my home. I have a special bread oven built right into the side of our fireplace. I fill the oven with hot coals that heat the bricks. After the coal turns to ashes I sweep them out and then I am ready to bake. I put my bread on a peel. A peel is a long-handled, flat shovel. The bread bakes from the heat of the bricks. I also bake cookies and cake in the bread oven.

I provide a GOOD and a SERVICE! I sell my breads and pies to the general store where other people can buy them. In that case I am providing a good. I provide a service to my family because I cook for them and they get to eat all the delicious food I make!

I learned how to be a baker when I was a young girl. I watched my mother bake and then soon began to help her. Now that I am a grown married woman, I will be teaching my daughter how to bake, too.



Baking Tools in My House

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