Muscle System

Helps you grow, get stronger, and move.

What the muscle system works with.

Your muscle system interacts with the skeletal system and the digestive system. The way the muscle system helps your skeletal system is by conecting to your skeleton and they contract and move the skeleton along.


The muscle system helps with homeostasis, because as the muscles work they produce thermal energy from chemical energy and that thermal energy helps keep the body temperature a constant.

The Muscle System

Bones and joints would not be able to move by its self without muscles. Bones take up 35-40% of body mass, also there are over 600 muscles in the body. There are two groups of muscles, one is voluntary which means you can control them; Ex: arms, legs, hands, and face; but involuntary means you can't control them. Ex: your heart. There are three types of muscle tissue, skeletal muscle, smooth muscle, and cardiac muscle. The smooth muscle and cardiac muscle are involuntary except for the skeletal muscle which is voluntary. The skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle have striations(stripes) unlike the smooth muscle which is not.