Simon Birch

Iris McCarthy


Simon states "I'm gods instrument he has a plane for me, I'm going to be a hero"(simon birch).

The theme of this movie, is still belive when it seems impossible. This is the theme because when most of the people simon trusted, doubted what he believed. He still believed and as hard as it was he did it and did become a hero. When


Simon is about 3 foot, he has glasses, and he dirty blond strait hair. He is very religious. acts like joe's mother is his own mother. He is very good with kids, but not all adults understand him. When people he believes that will believe what he does dont. then he believes more. simon a round character.

Simon states "Did you see how those kids listen to me its because how I look" (simon birch)

children usually interact better with children than adults because they look like them. Simon is small so he looks like a child and is respected by the children at the church this shows towards the end of the movie when they go on the bus for the retreat and the little boy does not want to go because all of the people going are big kids but simon says he will be there and then the boys feels relevied. This also shows a lot when he gets a bus of screaming kids quiet.

Big Events

1. Joe's mother dies

I missed the first two like I always do then the coach told me to I swang and I hit for the first time. Oh I hit it all right, it was a foul but it kept on going all the way out of the field. And then there she was standing there waving Mrs. wenteworth. She was so innocent it hit her across her face she fell down a died. It was all my fault If I just would've missed like all the other times

2.Joe's father is Reverend Russell

There they were my beautiful card up on the highest shelf. I would have to get books to climb all the way up there so that's what I did. I knew he would hide them high so I couldn't get to them. When I finally got up there I had them finally, I'm not going to let them out of my sight. While going back down I saw a glimpse of a baseball was it the one, the one that killed mrs. wenteworth. I picked it up looked at it it and it said our team name. It was the ball that killed her but why would reverend have it. No reverend russell was joe's father. hw wait until joe finds out, but wait I promised I would tell hi right away.

3. The bus went into the lake which caused Simon's birches death.

it was going down the mountain rough all kids were screaming. We were coming down so fast I don't think that we saw it coming. There was water right in front of us. We dove right in and it was coming from all directions flooding in. Reverene Russell fell unconscious and the bus driver fled from the scene. it was just us kids screaming not knowing what to do next. Until I took control i knew i would get joe and two other kids attention but i got everybody I made a plane and we put it to action right away. I got all the kids except for one his foot was stuck under the water. Then I got him out and we ran for the door. It closed so our only choice was the window. Lucky for him i could hold my breath long to give him a boost up and out. Once he was out it was my turn but the water this time filled the hole bus and i had to find my way out. I know I was dying in the hospital bed because I fulfilled my destiny and I am a hero.

Baseball kills woman (Simon Birch)


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