Latin Jazz

By Madaket Chassard

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Type of Music

Latin jazz, also known as Afro-Cuban Jazz, has been popular all over the world. New Orleans is a very popular place where Latin jazz is listened, played, and written, (along with other types of jazz music).

History of Music

Cuba and the Spanish Caribbean's is originally where the origin of this genre is from. Mario Bauza used to play in a band with Fletcher Henderson, Don Redman, and Cab Calloway. They were quite popular and brought the genre to life.

Characteristics of Music

Latin Jazz is has a special funk and bump to it. The main instruments and vocals involved are saxophones, sometimes a piano, drums, and trumpets. Duke Ellington and Dizzy Gillespie are known for playing these instruments well and are famous artist associated with the music. People that play Latin Jazz usually wear classy outfits, a shirt and tie.
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Latin Jazz. CIAD 2012