World War II

A Brief History


World War Two is said to have officially begun when Hitler and his Nazi forces invaded Poland. Two days later, France and Britain declared war on Nazi Germany. Six years earlier, Hitler had came to power in Germany. He convinced Germans that he could be the one to solve all of the problems caused by World War One.

Quick Facts

  • World War Two was a conflict between two main groups: the Axis and Allies.
  • Began in 1939 and ended six years later
  • Worst war in human history with over 60 million people killed
  • Took place on two fronts, the Pacific Ocean and Europe

Most Significant Battles


The biggest war in recorded history has contained some of the war crimes ever seen. Millions upon millions both military personnel and innocent civilians were killed on both side. The Germans began the war by invading Poland in 1939. They continued conquering the mainland of Europe. The Allies looked like they were going to be defeated for a while. Then, the Nazis tried to conquer Russia. Much of the German army perished and only then did it look like the Allies had chance. Europe was liberated piece by piece until the Allies won the war and kept the peace once and for all.