Seasonally Sweet Social

A creative circle of friends bound in the sweetness of life

Spring has Sprung

Please join us while we celebrate the season of spring! Combine that with the fellowship of girlfriends and the "sweet" buffet... you simply can not go wrong! We will have a delightful array of mix and match confections to satisfy our palette while we rejoice in the time spent with each other. Please bring your hand made treasures to share and let the traditions begin. Don't be left out of the garden, for Spring is when we plant our seeds.

Cultivate your garden with a dash of sunshine on 3/22/15

Handmade treasures

In our Seasonally Sweet program, you will find creative women, who, through the work of their own hands, will design your very special treasure. During the quarterly social, you will be asked to bring a dessert to share along with your creations to sprinkle with the others in the group. After the plants (attendance) have been counted, I will let you know how many treasures (your craft) to bring in your wheelbarrow (car) to the social (meeting). You will leave with your spring wildflower mix (a craft from each attendee) to brighten your garden patch throughout the season.