The biggest planet by Kayla K

Meet Jupiter

True or false? Is Saturn the only planet that has rings? False! Jupiter has a thin layer of rings! Jupiter is not just known for being the biggest planet. It is also known for its nickname The Great Red Spot. Did you know Jupiter can fit 1,300 Earths inside it. That's how big it is. Since Jupiter is so big, it takes 12 years to travel around the sun one time! Yes, it is big, but it is also the third brightest planet. If Jupiter wasn't as big as it is, it would be a star in the galaxy (gal-ax-e) because it is made up of the same things a star is made of. It's made of liquid and gas. Jupiter is really important in our Solar System!

Jupiter's Climate

The Climate

Brrr! Jupiter is freezing! It is minus 234 degrees! Jupiter's clouds are minus 150 degrees! Did you know it rains on Jupiter, but water does't rain on Jupiter! Diamonds rain on Jupiter. What that means is that is rains rock on Jupiter. It is kinda like hail. You know how it's really hot in the summer where we live. Well, it is still freezing cold in Jupiter no matter how hot is is where we live. Also, a hurricane has been going on in Jupiter for over 300 years! Plus, it does not snow on Jupiter which is really weird because it's so cold. With all that equipment on in space, you will still be cold near Jupiter. No matter what time of year you go to Jupiter, you will always be cold!


Hurricane on the inside of Jupiter

Jupiter's Moons

Did you know that Jupiter has at least 50 moons! "Jupiter's moons grab your attention." says National Geographic Kids. The biggest moon is the Ganymede (Gain-e-mede) moon. The Ganymede moon is bigger than Mercury our smallest planet in our Solar System. It is also bigger than PIuto. The Ganymede moon is also Saturn's biggest moon. It has a big job to protect our biggest planets in our Solar System. Nobody knows for sure what the smallest planet is. Jupiter mainly has 4-7 large moons and the rest are small. Jupiter's moons help project itself! If an earthquake tried to hit it, its moon would block the earthquake! Europa (Europe-a) is the third largest moon. It has so much water in it, it has more water than all of Earth's oceans together! "Europa might hide something else inside that ocean: life." Jupiter's moons are really important!

The Ganymede moon

This is the Ganymede moon. It is made up of gas and liquid.


Jupiter has tons of people studying Jupiter. For example, NASA finds information on different topics on anything about Jupiter. Spacecrafts give info to NASA and other websites all its info. The Pioneer 10 was the first spacecraft to visit Jupiter in 1973. The Great Red Spot was first seen though a telescope over three hundred years ago. To this day, You can still spot Jupiter and its Great Red Spot. Also, the Ganymede moon was discovered by a man named Galileo over four hundred years ago. "Scientists at Jet Propulsion (pro-pul-sion) Labortory in California study voyager pictures on IO." says a sicientist that studies Jupiter from NASA. NASA says that Jupiter is liquid and gas, but not solid. To this day, many scientists and kids study our planet Jupiter

Spacecraft in Space gathering info

Spacecrafts go up to space and gather info. Once they come back to Earth, they post the info that they found their websites and give it to Nasa and other people and places.


So, as you know, Jupiter is the biggest planet and really important for many other reasons. With people studying it, maybe someday we can have some more spacecrafts and astronauts come up to space and give Jupiter a visit. Even though you can't stand on it because it is made out of gas and liquid you can still visit it, but not going to close to it. Next time, we you talk more about its landform and and how it forms. Hope you learned a lot about Jupiter, our huge planet.


NASA- A group of people that study space.

Spacecraft- a vehicle that gathers info on anything in space

Stars- a ball of liquid and gas that are not in the shape of a star

Galileo-spacecraft designed to take photos in space.

Voyager- one of the U.S spacecraft that gathers info on Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus

planet- large heavy bodies that travel around the sun.

galaxy- large system of stars