October Dyslexia Awareness Month

Dyslexia Awareness Parent Night

Wednesday, Oct. 23rd, 6-8pm

2700 West 15th Street

Plano, TX

On October 23, Plano ISD is offering parents a special opportunity to learn more about dyslexia, the struggles that students experience and the tools that can help students succeed in the classroom.

Meeting will be held in the Administration Center Board Room.

Plano ISD Parent Handbook

Dyslexia Teacher and Parent Library

Become a stronger advocate by educating your family with these informative books that address students with dyslexia and their social / emotional needs.

Providing Technology Assistnace Using OneNote.


Home Strategies

Every month, I will share with you another episode from Asher & Ms. Nancy's Home Station series. They will show you how your child can benefit from different strategies you can use at home.

R10 Dyslexia Connects - Segment 1: Home Strategies

Sight Words

Sight words compose of more than 75% of most reading passages and can impact fluency. Utilize this sight word warm up strategy to improve reading independence and confidence.
R10 Dyslexia Connects - Segment 2 Sight Words

Reading Stamina

Reading stamina can be challenging for students with dyslexia. Become familiar with some reading strategies that will help your student be more engaged with reading.
R10 Dyslexia Connects - Segment 3 Reading

Writing Strategies

Writing stamina can be challenging for students with dyslexia. Become familiar with some writing strategies that will help your child be more engaged with writing.

R10 Dyslexia Connects - Segment 4 Writing


Thank you to Nancy Disterlic and Nancy Watson from Region 10 for providing this useful information to teachers and parents to support students with dyslexia.