Air Pollution In Delhi

Cierra Smith/Period 8

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Why should we care about Air pollution?

Air pollution is the world's deadliest environmental problem. Its a mixture of solid particles and gases in the air. Car emissions, chemicals from factories, dust, pollen and mold spores has created ozone. When ozone forms air pollution, it's also called smog. Some air pollutants are poisonous. Seven million people has died each year because of air pollution. Do you care about air pollution?

Air Pollution has Impacted on Ecosystems

This deadly gas has affected plants and animals because the extremly dangerous chemicals in the air. These four polluants , sulfur, nitrogen, ozone, and mercury. Harmful to very different ecosystems like aquatic ecosystems effects lakes and eutrophication of estuaries and coastal waters, and mercury bioaccumulation in aquatic food webs. Nitrogen effects plants in grasslands, and its soil is being affected within eastern of the U.S. Effects of nitrogen affects species composition of forests and effects of mercury kills terrestrial food webs. Interactions with air pollution and other environmental changes such as climate change can effect invasive species.

Now its to the point that this has affected humans ecosystems in a horrible way. Long term effects can happen if you live and breath this dangerous air pollution is chronic respiratory disease, lung cancer, and heart disease can all happen if your exposed to air pollution. Toxic chemicals released into air is absorb into plants and water sources and animals eat plants and drink water the poison travels to us. The people in Delhi are exposed to air pollution everyday of their lives and risking the changes of death.

Air pollution Is Deadly and Can kill all

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Crisis In Delhi

New Delhi on brink of Pollution Crisis | FT World

Ways to impact the issue

Jain is an 18 year old boy who had an asthma attack because he was suffering from low levels of oxygen in his blood. He could die but the doctors put him on a nebulizer. That wouldn't save him so his parents and relatives would have to prepare for the worst."I cannot just run away from it. I am dying a slow death, I know it and I live in a constant fear of what will happen. I am looking at a bleak future.", Jain said. He is one out of 20 million Delhi residents forced to breathe the most dangerous polluted air in the world. Even Delhi's High Court says this city is like "living in a gas chamber".

We as humans can conserve energy by turning odd lights,computers, and electric appliances when where not using them. Limit driving by using transportation like biking and walking. Keep your car well checked for less use oil and filters. Only run dishwasher and clothes when washers are full and use ecofriendly cleaners. Gasoline and diesel fuels should be more cleaner and natural gas industries will have extensive rules to reduce environmental impacts. Continue air quality progress that is being made to keep under current standards. If we do this then people like Jain can live a better life than before because of the wide world change.

Child and his mother suffering from air pollution

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Most great ways to reduce climate pollution is to limit power plant pollution. EPA Clean Power Plan can put standards in place so power plats have to use renewable energy and energy efficiency key pillars then is can help with our problem with air pollution. Fuel groups and conservative lawmakers will still try to stop or block the plan. Expanding carbon markets worldwide to fight climate change and to reduce greenhouse gas pollution. States, provinces, and cities worldwide are deploying them to increase economic growth. End fossil fuel subsidies, for every 1 dollar spent on supporting renewable energy, another 6 dollars are spent on fossil fuel subsidies. Fuel companies want the profit. Another way is to reduce fertilizer pollution because it increase on nitrous oxide that can get into the air and it 300 times more dangerous than carbon dioxide but companies need the food to give to us . Unlock the profit of living rainforests and slow down deforestation and the 15% of gas emissions. These things can help the earth not become a waste zone. This is profit for farms and other resources.
Air Pollution: Be Part of the Solution