Barbara Morgan S.T.E.M. Academy

Parent Newsletter - September 12, 2020

BMSA Yellow (alternating schedule) begins!

Yellow Alternating-Day Schedule begins September 14-18.

Monday, 9/14/2020:

Team 1 will be at school

Team 2 remote learning from home

Tuesday, 9/15/2020:

Team 2 will be at school

Team 1 remote learning from home

Wednesday, 9/16/2020 (Late Start):

Team 1 will be at school

Team 2 remote learning from home

Thursday, 9/17/2020:

Team 2 will be at school

Team 1 remote learning from home

Friday, 9/18/2020:

Team 1 will be at school

Team 2 remote learning from home

*Please know the 2020/2021 Yellow Alternating Day Schedule (below) is subject to change as planning occurs to possibly phase in all students in grades 1-5 over the next several weeks.

ABCD refers to the Special your child has that day. Please read communication from your child's teacher to know what special your child has on every A, B, C, D block.

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Kindergarten - All Kindergartners attend school EVERY day.

**Kindergartners will be at school EVERY day. The alternating day schedule will not apply to them.

Tuition Kindergarten (Mrs. Sherod):
  • 9:05am - 3:55pm
  • (Wednesday Late Start: 9:20am - 3:55pm)

AM Kindergarten (Mrs. Becker):

  • 9:05am - 12:07pm
  • (Wednesday Late Start: 9:20am - 12:07pm)

PM Kindergarten (Mrs. Becker):

  • 12:58pm - 3:55pm
  • (Wednesday Late Start: 1:05pm - 3:55pm)

Student Drop Off & Pick Up Information

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Students and families are asked to follow the drop-off and pick-up routines below.

Safety to and from the school grounds is our priority.

Morning bell 9:05am, Tardy 9:10am (Wednesday's "Late Start" bell is 9:20am)

Dismissal bell 3:55pm, 3:40pm for bus students only.

Please do not drop off students before 8:45am on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Each Wednesday is "Late Start" to allow teachers to collaborate, so teachers will not be in their classrooms to greet children until 9:05am. Please do not drop your child off before 9:05am on Wednesdays.

With the safety plans we have in place, we are asking parents and guardians to remain in their vehicles when dropping off or picking up students. Please drop off your student as close to the morning bell, since they will be going straight inside to their classroom from the exterior.

No visitors are allowed on the playground or near classroom doors. We are trying to minimize the amount of people on campus.

At morning drop off, students will need to enter the building through their teacher's exterior classroom doors only. There are brightly colored pictures on the exterior doors for each teacher, so your child can find their door easily. You can come by the school after school hours to familiarize your child where their exterior class door is located.

There will be additional staff helping students find their classrooms the first few days. If eating breakfast at school, students will enter the cafeteria through the cafeteria door near the gym at 8:45am or 9:00am on Wednesday.

At the end of the day, classes will be lined up with their grade level (see map above). Students will need to let the teacher know when they see their ride, then they can go to the loading area (green zone) and load.

If parking on the streets, please consider Sandalwood walkway exit or Chateau exit as easier areas to drop off and pick your child up from. There are crossing guards at both locations. Bicyclists, walking students, and those who have rides waiting for them will go directly to the Sandalwood or Chateau exits at 3:55pm.

Some tips to ease drop off and pick up in the loop:

  • Loop pick up is for quick self-loading and unloading students with parents remaining in the vehicle.
  • No Parking in loop.
  • Pull all the way forward, past the gate, along the straight away.
  • Loading and unloading in the straight away only.
  • Only load and unload on the passenger curb side when vehicle is at a complete stop.
  • Remind your student to watch for their vehicle, then tell their teacher, so they can come over to the pickup area. Students must watch for their ride.
  • If you don't see your student in the pickup/drop off area, please go out and join the line again. This will smooth the process for everyone.
  • Watch for children and follow the crossing guards signals.

If you have any questions, please inquire with the office.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while getting students to and from school safely.

Bus and Transportation Information

Cascade Transportation manages our buses. Please contact them if you have any busing questions/needs: 208-229-8500.

As a reminder, the dismissal bell rings at 3:55pm (shuttle buses leave at 3:40pm)

Below are the shuttle bus school pick-up locations, bus numbers, and pick-up times. In the afternoon, shuttle buses will drop of at the home school location between 3:55pm-4:05pm.

Parents, please be sure your child knows his/her bus # and notify your child's teacher which bus # your child will be riding.

It is important your child and his/her teacher are aware of other transportation information such as: their daycare provider's name and phone number, if a different family member or family friend is picking up the student, or if transportation plans change throughout the week.

All of this information will help at the end of the day when students are trying to find their correct shuttle bus, to identify their daycare van, and/or locate the family/friend picking them up.

At 4:10pm, all remaining students will be brought inside and parents/guardians will be called.

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Health and Safety Reminders

  • Face masks are required to be worn per district policy. Health exceptions must be filed with the school nurse.
  • Social distancing will be taught and must followed as much as possible.
  • Hand washing/sanitizing will occur when students enter and exit classrooms.
  • When students arrive at school, students must enter into the cafeteria for breakfast or go directly into their classroom through the exterior classroom door.
  • Drinking fountains have been disabled, so water bottles are allowed. Please label your child's water bottle. No soda, sports drinks, or flavored water will be permitted in the water bottles. Students will be allowed to re-fill their water bottles at the classroom sinks.
  • Lunches will be eaten in the classrooms (with the exception of Tuition Kindergartners).
  • Recess: Grade levels will be on the playground together. Masks will be required when playing together (within 6ft or on the equipment).
  • Our bathrooms have been modified to help remind students to be socially distant of one another.

*Please note: West Ada School Board of Trustees recently added verbiage pertaining to face coverings or face shields to the Student Handbook - Dress Code policy. Click below for more information about this addition to the dress code policy "Covid 19 requirements".

Student Devices

Students will need to bring their device to school, charged and ready to use. Please be sure to send the chargers to school daily just in case they are needed. If students have headphones, please send those daily as well.

Devices will go home with the student each night to be used for remote learning the next day.

  • Nightly, the devices should be plugged in to charge.
  • Updates are pushed to the devices during the evenings, so please leave them powered on if possible. Even if the device times-out or goes to sleep, the updates will still go to the device if it is plugged in and powered on.
  • The device might need to be powered off and restarted for the update to work.

Laptop cases for grades 3-5 will be provide once we have them.

*We are still waiting on wifi Hotspots. As soon as they arrive, we will distribute them to families.

*Please reach out to your teacher about supply lists. Not all teachers require all supplies to be brought to school, especially with our alternating day schedules. It will be important to leave some supplies at home for remote learning.

School Lunches

Thank you to Donna Barksdale and the school nutrition team for helping make school breakfast and lunch time as safe as possible.

The USDA has extended the Summer Foods Service Program until December 2020 or until funding runs out. This means, a breakfast and lunch meal will be provided for enrolled West Ada students FREE each school day during this extension.

Breakfast will be served in the Cafeteria. Students: Please keep your backpack on while eating breakfast.

School lunches will be served directly to classrooms as a bagged lunch. *Tuition Kindergartners will eat their lunch in the Cafeteria with assistance from staff. A picture of the Fall/Winter 2020 lunch menu is below and can also be found on the West Ada Website> Departments> School Nutrition Services.

Students at home on their remote learning days can still pickup a sack lunch at the front of our school between 11:30am-12:30pm. It is required you email no later than 7am, if you are picking up a meal.

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Counselor Corner

Need help with Child Care, etc?

To learn more about resources available including food, clothing, and connecting families to co-op childcare, please submit this BMSA Family Needs form or contact Counselor Lindsay or Counselor Kristin.

One question we ask on the form is if you would like to connect with other families to cooperate with childcare. If this interests you, be sure to fill out the survey or contact us.

Counselor Office Direct Line: 208.885.4432