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The Henry Ford Library Newsletter - 1st Six Weeks

Welcome To Ford Library

Hello! My name is Angelina (Angie) Marchese. I have been in public school for twenty-two years. I have also lived and traveled abroad which has given me many educational and life experiences. I feel blessed to be your librarian and want all students to have a lifelong love for books and reading. I really appreciate Mrs. Martha Garcia a parent volunteer, along with Miss Kimberly Gomez who help in the library. We welcome all of you to the Ford Library this school year 2015-2016.
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Grandparents Day

Grandparents came and read to their grandchild in the library to celebrate Grandparents' Day.

Constitution Week

Students learned about our constitution using library resources. We celebrated the Statue of Liberty, a famous American symbol, by reading facts in books.
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Celebrating el 16 de Septiembre

MackinVIA says...

21st Annual Bright Summer Reader

The 21st annual B.R.I.G.T. summer reader ceremony was held on September 21st at the P.S.J.A. Oso Dome in San Juan, Texas. Henry Ford Elementary was represented by Assistant Principal Aracelia Salinas and Librarian Angie Marchese.

The top readers representing our school were Emmanuel Bermejo (Kinder), Emily Covarrubias (1st grade), Angel Cazares (2nd grade), Andrew Keefer (3rd grade), Americo Quintanilla (4th grade) and Belinda Gutierrez (5th grade). says... was given to teachers as a wonderful resource to utilize in their classrooms with their students.

Lunch Book Club

Students from the Ford Library Lunch Book Club are reading Bluebonnet books and preparing for "The Battle of the Books" in January.

Some of their favorite books have been Zane and the Hurricane, Saving Your Kingdom, and Separate is Never Equal.

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Book It!

Students are reading their heart out for Pizza Hut Book It!

Kids will be able to earn a Reading Award Certificate and receive a free, one - topping Personal Pan Pizza every month.

Contest runs from 10-1-15 to 5-1-16

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