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Where our only exhibits are about the Renaissance.

Exhibition on Renaissance Inventors

Several renowned Astronomers came from the Renaissance period. Making scientific discoveries the likes of which mankind had yet to think of. Inventors such as Da Vinci have influenced the world in profound ways. Come see the original inventions of some of the worlds greatest minds. Discover how these Renaissance Inventors made such a profound impact on the world today, at The Museum Of The Renaissance.

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Leonardo Da Vinci 1452-1519

Da Vinci invented Countless things, ranging from weapons, to air travel, to robots. Da Vincis brilliant mind as well as his fame made in high demand from lords for medical, tactical, and just plain old advice. One noble asked him to be incharge of entertainment at a festival, so naturally Da Vinci made a knight run on a complex system of levers and pulleys.

Da Vincis Armored car

Da Vincis "armored car" was a raised platform on wheels with many small swivel guns or small cannons arranged 360 degrees around the vehicle. Reinforced metal plates covered the rolling armory, with a look out perch atop it to coordinate firing. 8 men would turn cranks on the inside to keep the tank moving.
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Johannes Guttenberg

Johannes Guttenberg was the inventor of the printing press. This invention worked by laying metal letters on the press covering them with ink and then pushing down with a lot of force and pressure to transfer the ink onto the paper. This invention revolutionized the spread of knowledge, as well as record keeping. To prove how effective his invention was, Guttenberg printed the entire bible with 42 lines per page.

Galileo Galilei

Galileo created his microscope from scratch, and after several prototypes he was able to magnify objects by 30x. The discoveries he made using his invention were disliked by the Catholic Church, which forced him to recant his findings.