May 16th-May 20th

"Overcoming Mediocrity & Redefining Excellence"

Message From Principal Stewart:


This week is what we have prepared for all year... Let's show everyone how we are "Overcoming Mediocrity & Redefining Excellence" by serving as "An Anchor of Hope & Excellence!"

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Instructional Expectations: Week of May 16, 2016

  • Lesson Plan Due Sunday by 8pm. Please upload to GoogleDrive as agreed upon in Monday's "Pow Wow." Daily modifications should be made to lesson planning.
  • Embed TLaC Techniques with a keen focus Questioning (Content & Common Core), Build Habits of Discussion & Remember to Infusie Technology.
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K-5 End of Year Danielson Post Observation Conferences


  • Watch the video below prior to Monday's Team Planning Session.
  • Each day during Team Planning choose 1 technique/suggestion from the TedTalk to include as a daily modification to your lesson plans.
  • Include the modification in green on the lesson plans each day beginning Tuesday.
Reimagining Classrooms: Teachers as Learners and Students as Leaders | Kayla Delzer | TEDxFargo

Monday May 16th, 2016:

  • Planning & Preparation from 4:00-6:00 (cancelled Staff Meeting)
  • MAY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS: 4:15PM in the Conference Room.
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Tuesday, May 17th, 2016:

  • Core Knowledge Leads Meeting (7:30-8:30) - Providing Feedback on Lesson Plans.
  • Formal Observation: Ms. Carter: 12:34-1:22 (Math)
  • K-2 Common Planning (Room 313). Submit your agendas, sign-in sheet, and minutes via Google Docs on Drive.
  • NYC Sped Collaborative Visit with Megan (schedule TBD)
  • Teacher Clinics Postponed to May 24th.

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016:

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

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Friday, May 20th, 2016

  • Teacher Weekly Reflections are Due on Friday by 8am. Be detailed by providing specific examples and student outcomes/results.
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  1. Reporting Child Abuse in an Educational & Non-Educational Setting:
  2. Update IEP at Glance Folders with Instructional Practices aligned to goals.
  3. Please adhere to the following Master Schedule:
  4. For scholars demonstrating academic & social behaviors that gets in the way of their learning the following Child Study Referral Form In addition, the Classroom Intervention Referral Sheet must be completed:

School-Wide Procedures/Expecations:

  • All Staff members should arrive to work in time to meet morning expectations. Although we cannot prevent unforeseen life events It Takes a A Village through partnerships grounded in continuity and consistency. Our scholars depend on us and we definitely depend on one another.
  • All teachers should pick up attendance folders in the main office by 7:45am. Ms. Holmes will pickup completed attendance sheets by 9am. Remember to complete: 1) Teacher Signature, 2) Bubble Attendance Taken, and 3) double check ATTD in case students marked absence show up late.
  • Breakfast/Morning Arrival & Lunch & Dismissal Plan to be modified and shared by Dean Allen.