Copyright and Fair Use

for Teachers

Safe Practices

Likely to be fair use in your classroom if:

  • used for non-profit or educational purpose
  • information is factual
  • only a small portion of media is used
  • there is no license available or the material is not valuble
  • media is only used once a year and is obtained legally


The following materials are not use-able under fair use guidelines if

  • using them for profit or entertainment
  • information is creative (non-fiction)
  • a large portion of the media is used
  • there is available license or material is valuable
  • making copies to distribute to students
  • not being used for an educational purpose

Ask yourself these questions

Did you think of it?

  • Yes > Do not cite source.
  • No> Ask >
Is it common knowledge?

  • Yes > Do not cite it.
  • No> Cite Source.
Created by: Amy Schoenfelder and Brandi Poulisse Knippling