The Queen


My mother is the best person in the world. She is very hard working as an employee and a parent. She had my older sister at a very young age and since then she has been very responsible, loving, and just all the traits wonderful mothers have. She is a single parent to my twenty one year old sister and myself and a full time employee. She has and always with put me and my sister in front of her career. Hard financial problems and me and my mom had to move in with my grandmother. When we moved in, my mom told me that we wouldn’t be there any later than four years. Two years later we are moving out. My mom worked twice as hard and was still there for me when I needed her. She is also an Aunt to four children and very close to all of them as well as a role model to all people. My mother is the queen in our family


My mother is very talented. All through middle and high school she participated in choir, theater and dance. She was in ballet for sixteen years from when she was two years old until she was seventeen years old. Her dream was to go to the performing arts college in New York City called Juilliard. I have seen videos of my mom dance, sing and act and i know she could of made it big time. She chose not to apply to Juilliard because she had gotten married to her first husband right out of high school and had my older sister. She still uses her creative talents today. She is writing a book right now. It is based off of her life, she is going to entile it “One of These Days.” She has been working on it for about three years. I have read some chapters of it and it is amazing.


My mother is very humorous. Her impression of my sister and I fighting is not bad either. her jokes are a huge mix of puns, impressions and childish actions. Her puns are so cheesy, but so hilarious. My mom can do her impressions very well. She has a very funny impression of my great grandmother. She showed my great grandmother her impression of her and even she laughed. Her childish actions are quite accurate. She loves to skip around and climb on things. I will walk into the dining room and my mom will be doing her work, on her laptop, sitting on the table. My mom and sister are very alike in their sense of humor. She is the funniest person I know.