Kindergarten News You Can Use

April 29, 2015

Events to Remember

May 3

Spirit Night at Chick-fil-A

May 10

Spirit Night at Zoe's

May 17

Spirit Night at Chop House Burger

May 20

Field Day

June 2

Kindergarten graduation 8:30 a.m.

Last day of school- Early Dismissal 11:45

Kindergarten and Pre-K Registration

Don't forget if you missed Kindergarten and Pre-K registration it's not to late. Come by the office at Bransford and our wonderful office staff can help you get registered.

Daily Folder Questions

What should you do with the student papers sent home in the folder?

Student work is sent home for you to peruse and then talk about with your child. Have them read their work to you. Discuss how they figured out the math problem. Ask what else they know about the topic. These discussions don't have to be more than 5 minutes and don't have to be done with every paper. Just pick ones that interest you and your child.

Why do I have to look in the folder every day?

The folder is our communication between home and school. Your child's behavior chart is marked by the teacher to let you know how much you should celebrate your child's school day. Behavior chart notes need to be discussed at home on the day they happen to make an impact with the child. Notes from the teacher, information from PTA and other organizations, and student work are sent home in the folder, too. Many of these notes have a due date so it's best to look in the folder in a timely fashion. The folder is also there for parents to communicate with teachers. We check the folders every single day.

Why do the folders have to go back and forth to school every day even when there's nothing in it?

The folder is meant to be a 2-way communication between school and home. There may be times when we have not put papers in the folder but the behavior chart is there every day for you to see. You may also need to provide a note for us for the following day and couldn't do that without the folder.

Social Studies

During the next few weeks we will discussing the importance of patriotism in our country in order to understand why we celebrate Independence Day. We will be reviewing the significance of American symbols and leaders. Please ask your child to name the first president of the United States. Discuss with them how he was a leader for our country.

Patriot Paws

Kindergarten is happy to announce... we collected the most money as a grade level!

A big thank you goes out to all our little kindergarteners who spread the word and encouraged everyone to donate money and supplies. The total for our efforts was............DRUM ROLL PLEASE............ $2465.08 and the grand total for the whole school was ........$4,902.95! Our wish has come true! We get to name a puppy! The kids are so excited. They were recently talking about a good name for the dog. Sparkle, Rambo, Daisy and Tank were a few of their suggestions. Again, thank you so much to all of you who supported our fundraiser. Your children have certainly learned that there are others who are not as lucky as they are and that we need to help those people.


Your child is expected to know math facts to 10 by the end of the school year. They are also expected to be able to count on to 100 from any given number and to determine one more or one less than any number to 20. They need to be able to count by 10's up to 100 from 10 and from any given ten. Writing numbers correctly up to 20 is an expectation, too. These skills are important concepts to have in place to help build a strong number sense foundation. A game the students are learning to play is called "What is the Question?" In this game, the answer to a math problem is given and the student provides a question that is true for with the answer. For example: The answer is 5 could result in a question like this: How many more do you need to put with 5 to make 10? or If I have 7, how many do I need to take away to make 5? Try this at home and have fun with it!

Bransford Kindergarten Teachers

Mrs. Hendry

Mrs. Romo

Mrs. Ryan