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Why Dosage Instructions and Reviews have to be Checked before Consuming Generic Medications?

Generic Medications- The Raising Popularity

Generic Medications are those that contain the same component like prescription drugs however, they are sold without patent or brand details. Hence, majority of health care professionals do not recommend generic medications. With increasing chronic illness many people suffer to bear the cost of treatment, for them spending on patented drugs might not be their cup of tea as certain diseases need prolonged drug usage. Generic drugs stay one of the best alternatives to prescription drugs. They are bioequivalent to branded drugs and the safety norms, quality, also remain the same. However, the only fact that threatens people about generic drugs is the absence of patent name. In spite of that, many people choose generic form of drugs in recent days for the cost effective pricing and ease of availability.

Medications in Generic Form for Important Chronic Diseases

Generic medications are available today covering treatment for wide range of illness. For example, if you buy Nexium which is sold with the generic name esomeprazole, is suggested for treating GERD or Gastroesophageal reflux disease. This generic drug helps in preventing ulcer formation, gastric acids, etc. Similarly, those who struggle with acid secretion can buy protonix. Crestor and Zocor are recommended for reducing cholesterol and triglycerides level in our blood stream. Atacand sold in the generic name Candesartan is used to lower the blood pressure level and treat kidney problems induced by diabetes. Escitalopram the generic for Lexapro is the drug that works effectively in treating anxiety disorder. It is quiet easy to find generic medications in online pharmacies. For example, visit the pharmacy shopping website search for the medication, place the order and buy lexapro, or buy zocor or whatever is required for you at cheaper price.

Dosage Instructions and its Importance

  • 1. Patients who are allergic to pantoprazole should not consume protonix
  • 2. Those who complain abdominal pain, headache and very less appetite might be due to the effect of consuming nexium; hence, they should immediately stop consuming.
  • 3. Crestor dosage can be minimized or maximized to depending on the condition. However, pregnant women, people who are aged above 70, those women who breast feed and those who have high blood pressure should not consume crestor unless and until physicians advice them.
  • 4. Atacand should not be consumed by diabetic people who consume medications which contains aliskiren, valturna, etc.
  • 5. Dosages are available from 5mg to 10mg, 40mg, 50mg and so on. In addition, the drug dosage differs for all the medications.
  • 6. It is always recommended that those who wish to consume generic medications should make sure of the dosage from the physicians and also know the side effect and allergic factors possible from consuming these medications and then proceed with the treatment. Kindly Visit -


Generic medications are rising in its popularity because of the low price and easy availability. Earlier it was quiet difficult to buy these drugs, but now with online purchase made easy, buying generic drugs is no more a constraint.

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