Groups of the PT Project

Ms. Zulick's Classes


You will use your classmates' Smore presentations to help you find the missing information for each group on the Periodic Table. If for some reason your class does not have a Smore for one particular group, then look at a Smore from another class period.

Main things to be looking for:

1. Group Number and Name

2. Elements found in this group

3. Valence electrons in these elements

4. Where is this group located on the periodic table?

We will be attaching this paper into our composition notebooks when we are finished.

1st Period: Pink

1st Period

Group 1:

Group 2:

Group 13:

Group 16:

Group 17:

Group 18:

To find information for groups 14 and 15, click on a link from another class period.

When everyone is finished filling our their charts, we will complete the Google From below. Do not begin until Zulick tells you to.