Is the Drinking Age Effective?

By: Cedae Stafford

“It is human nature that making something forbidden increases allures.”

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The drinking age should be lowered to 18, because it lowers appeals/allures to drinking.

  • many teenagers turn to alcohol to relieve anxiety, stress or any form of depression.
  • The law stating that young adults must be 21 before consuming alcohol have driven young drinkers to other levels of thinking.
  • This law is not effective on young drinkers who depend on it because they believe it is socially acceptable behavior.
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Equalizes the drinking age among countries

  • many studies show that the most developed countries allow young people to drink legally at age 18.


The drinking age being set to the age of 18 would teach young adults the responsibility of drinking.

  • Young adults should be eligible for an alcohol permit (like a driving permit such as being educated on it and getting it revoked if breaking a law. It is a privilege to have and not something everyone gets, it has to be earned.)
  • Many children look up to their parents and follow in their footsteps, so parents should be having a positive impact on their children for drinking responsibly
  • Teens brains are still developing they should have some knowledge on drinking before their brain cells are damaged.


Many people have argued that when young adults turn 18 they can vote, go to war and get married but they can’t go purchase alcohol.