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Looking behind at October and Ahead to November 2022

Principal's Message

Hello Ponaganset families,

I hope this newsletter finds you well. We have A LOT of great things happening at PHS and I am excited to share it all with you!

Often as an educator, I get asked by parents how to best help their child reach their fullest academic potential. I would like to take a moment to share an area in which parental support is highly impactful:

Conducive Learning Environment: A main distractor from student learning is cell phone usage in class during lessons and at home during homework/study time. I would like to share some powerful research on this matter: A study in the journal Communication Education on the impact of mobile phone usage revealed that students who were not using their mobile phones during class wrote down 62% more information in their notes, took more detailed notes, and were able to recall more detailed informaton about the lesson, which resulted in scoring a full letter grade and a half higher on the assessment than their peers who were toggling between the listening to the lesson and their mobile device. Please be advised that at school, students are not permitted to use their cell phones during teaching and learning time as it is essential that our classroom environments are set up to promote maximum learning for our students. Parents can help grow their children into positive digital citizens and strong students by reinforcing this practice during homework/study time at home. Students are permitted to use their phones during passing time and in the cafeteria.


Amanda Grundel, M.Ed., M.S.


Ponaganset High School

Spirit Week

October 11th-14th was filled with fun and school spirit! Students and faculty enjoyed participating in all of the dress up days! Decade Day and Class Color Day are featured below!

Pep Rally

Our pep rally was held on October 14th! It was a great event as we came together as a school community to cheer on our football team!

We also said our goodbyes to Mrs. Alicia Bailey, who has retired after 36 years in the classroom. We thank her for her service to Ponaganset High School. We wish her well and will miss her!

Homecoming Game

Go Chieftains! Ponaganset High School won the Homecoming game on October 14th against Narragansett in a 28-8 final point game! The atmosphere was filled with excitement as many came out to support the football players!

Pictured below are PHS cheerleaders, football players, and band students! Mr. Mullen is also featured directing our band at the Homecoming game. The music added to the fun!

Homecoming Dance

Our Homecoming Dance was held on October 15th. Students came dressed up and danced the night away! A special thank you to the faculty members who volunteered their time to chaperone this event as well as the class advisors for organizing it.

Digital Citizenship Week

Ponaganset recognized Digital Citizenship Week in October by sharing digital media tips with students via our morning announcements. Common Sense Media has excellent resources for families including a YouTube Playlist that offers short videos on parenting in the digital age.
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Literacy Corner

Family literacy is a type of literacy education that emphasizes bringing reading and writing into the home and making it a family activity. According to a study conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics, students with a “richer home literacy environment displayed higher levels of reading knowledge and skills than did their counterparts with less rich home literacy environments.”

Below you will find a resource that will provide current event articles and some discussion starters related to the articles. Reading an article a week as a family and having discussions over dinner will provide benefits that include: increasing literacy skills, engaging in family conversations, and enhancing knowledge of current events.

Link to Newsela: https://newsela.com/

(This resource offers a free basic version. There is a caregiver/parent sign up option)

Conversation starters:

  1. Create and discuss your own headline for this article and explain why yours is better than the original.

  2. Discuss the visuals given in the article and how they relate to the topic.

  3. If a friend asked you, “what was that article about?”, how would you summarize it?

  4. Ask the following questions to prompt meaningful connections between what was read and what is relevant to the student’s life:

    1. What does this article remind you of?

    2. Are there any elements of this article that are especially important to you and why?

    3. What information from this article cleared up any confusion you may have had about this topic?

Contact information: If you are looking for more family literacy ideas, contact Principal Amanda Grundel @agrundel@fgschools.com

Congratulations to our E-Sports Team

Our E-Sports Team received a $25,000.00 donation from Intel and Staples. The students are excited to use the donation to purchase the technology equipment needed to compete. Channel 10 News and the Valley Breeze covered this exciting event!

Upcoming Events and Important Links

Pink Out Day Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness: October 28th

Chorus/Band Concert: Evening of November 3rd

Chorus and Band Teacher Contact Information:

Mr. Derek Sabatini DSabatini@fgschools.com and Mr. James Mullen jmullen@fgschools.com

1st Quarter Ends on: November 4th

Turkey Bingo: Evening of November 14th

Contact Information: Mr. Gary Martinelli gmartinelli@fgschools.com

No School/Half Day November Dates:

Nov. 8: Election Day No School

Nov 11: Veteran's Day No School

Nov 14: Half Day Of School

Nov 23-25: Thanksgiving Recess No School

Design the Sign Scholarship Competition/Gold Star Family Highway (ends Nov. 30):

Contact Information: Mr. Michael Calenda MCalenda@fgschools.com

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School website:


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