News from Mrs. Priebe's 4th grade class ...

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On Thursday and Friday (29th and 30th), the students will respond to one writing prompt in the narrative mode. They will spend 40 minutes working on the preliminary draft on the first day and revise and rewrite the draft on the following day, again within a 40 minute time period. The students’ actual writing will be sent to a regional site for scoring. Score will be reported to the state and be available on the Nebraska Department of Education website at http://www.nde.state.ne.us/ at a later date.

How can you help?

Please make sure your child....

* Gets to bed on time

* Eats a healthy breakfast

*Ask your child about what they are writing and talk about their experiences and details to help them elaborate. Just talking about the event will help them with their writing.


On Friday, your child will bring home their scheduled time for conferences. We understand schedules change from season to season, so we are more than willing to make changes. Please contact the school if the scheduled time will not work for you. Thank you.

Monday, February 9 - 2:00 Dismissal (4-7 Conferences)

Tuesday, February 10 - 2:00 Dismissal (4-7 Conferences)

Wednesday, February 11 - 2:00 Dismissal (No Conferences)

Thursday, February 12 - 11:30 Dismissal (1-4 Conferences)

Friday, February 13 - NO SCHOOL!


During the week of conferences, we will be holding a Book Fair in the library. Stop by the library before or after your child's conference to shop for some great books! All proceeds go back to our library.

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Friday, Jan. 23rd, 6:30pm

406 Cottonwood Street

Norfolk, NE

Children must be accompanied by an adult. Please bring a blanket, pillow, and snacks for a fun family night! We hope to see you there!


The students are doing a fantastic job completing their weekly homework. Each day the students are assigned 30 math problems in class. As the math concepts get more difficult the students might be bringing home more homework. Please assist your child with any questions they might have on their daily work.

Here are the lessons we will cover this week:

Monday - Lesson 69: Milliliters

Tuesday - Lesson 70: Word Problems - Fractions of a Group

Wednesday - Lesson 71: Division Answers Ending with Zero

Thursday - Lesson 72: Finding Information to Solve Problems

Friday - Test 12

Also, please encourage a few minutes of daily math fact practice! IXL.com is a fantastic website to sharpen those skills!


Please continue to check in with your fourth grader on their Accelerated Reader progress. All students need to be reading for 20 minutes each night. We took time this week to set 3rd Quarter AR goals. Ask your child about their latest goals!

Also, stay connected with the skills, strategies, and stories we are learning in our Reading Program. Click the link to login - ConnectED McGraw-Hill Reading Series

(Your child will need to login with their unique username and password)

This week our class will focus on why we need government. We will also explore the foundation, structures, and functions of our country’s government.

Weekly Concept: Our Government

Essential Question: Why do we need government?

Grammar: Pronouns and Antecedents

Genre: Narrative Nonfiction (Informational)

Comprehension Skill: Ask and Answer Questions

Comprehension Strategy: Cause and Effect

Vocabulary Skill: Latin Roots

Phonics: Vowel Team Syllables


Continue to check your child's planner for their weekly spelling words and daily assignments.

This week's homework:

Monday - Cursive Worksheet

Tuesday - ABC order + Reverse

Wednesday - 10 sentences

Thursday - 10 sentences

Friday - TEST

Children's Day Festival

Sunday, Feb. 8th, 1pm

1700 Market Lane

Norfolk, NE

* Free family fun provided by many local organizations

* Approximately 1,500 children's books will be given away

* Presented by Read Aloud Norfolk

* Wildlife encounters from 3:30 to 4:30

Prime Time Reading Nights

Saturday, Jan. 17th, 6pm to Tuesday, March 24th, 8pm

406 Cottonwood Street

Norfolk, NE

This FREE six-week program begins with a light meal followed by storytelling and enjoyment of literature. You are encouraged to attend Tuesday evenings beginning on February 17th through March 24th.


Our classroom is on Twitter! @grade4priebe

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