Disabled American Veterans(Global)

Founded By: Disabled Veterans From World War One

What Disabled Veterans From World War 1 Has Done to Help the Community

They help all the brave veterans got hurt or became disabled.They help the veterans that became disabled feel more confident and their families.They make them feel like they did the right thing.The Stand Down event is an event that gives the veterans food and shelter while they are getting fixed.All the stuff they need is right there such as showers, barbers, medical, and dental. The founders were demoted to help the u.s. disabled veterans feel and beable to do the stuff they could do before.


We Are The Disabled American Veterans

Impact on The Community

D.A.V helps by helping after natural disasters and the Disabled American Veterans.They help by helping with major injures. They help a lot of veterans and help their family's.They give them the freedom that they deserve. They give them the opportunity to do some of the things that regular people could do after they get in a major injury. (video is right above the paragraph)

Background Information on the Founders(Disabled American Veterans from World War One)

It was more than one person who founded it.In fact Disabled Veterans from World War one founded it.They didn't want the other veterans to suffer like they did. Also when they came home their whole community was ready to help the brave men and women who fought for our freedom and our rights that were hurt or lost an arm or leg and stuff. So they decided to help the others.http://www.dav.org
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2012 Outstanding Disabled Veteran of the Year

All About Me

When I grow up I want to start a foundation that helps people that need help the poor people and do a lot of stuff to help people like the elderly.I could tell my friends all about this and volunteer.