By: Maria Ouzts


  • Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the world. (3,212 ft.)
  • Andes Mountains are located in Northwest Venezuela.
  • Guiana Highlands are located in Southeast Venezuela.
  • Branco River is located in Brazil but separates Venezuela and Guyana.
  • Pico Bolívar is located in Mérida State and is the highest mountain in Venezuela.
Canaima National Park (UNESCO/NHK)


  • Ethnics: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Arab.
  • Spanish language with several dialects.
  • 96% Catholic, 2% Protestant, and 2% other.

Famous People and Current Events!

  • Carolina Herrera- fashion designer.
  • Alexander Munoz- boxer.
  • Omar Vizquel- Baseball all star.
  • Venezuela's annual inflation rises to 63.4%
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Typical Food!

  • Breakfast: Pisca Andina.
  • Lunch: Pasta.
  • Dinner: Venezuelan Cuisine.
  • In the eastern states, fish and seafood are most popular dishes.
  • Below is a link on how to prepare pisca andina.

Tourist Destinations!

  • Angel Falls: famous for the nature lovers. Cost to visit is about 3,145.00 VEF per person.
  • La Isla Margarita: One of the most popular getaways. A Venezuelan Island. Cost to visit is about 200 Bs for a full tour of the island.
  • Mochima National Park: paradise in Venezuela's North Coast. The cost to visit is about 10 BsF per person per night.
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  • Evolved as a blend of Spanish, African, and Indigenous rhythms.
  • The popular instruments are violin, drums, and a cuatro which is a four string guitar.
  • The historical information: the bone flute, clay whittles, seashell trumpets and maracas.
Tico-Tico Cuatro & Guitar Dr Brian McDonogh