Bethune ECDC

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Now that we have transitioned back to class we are noticing that our parking lot process is much better. We are still striving for 100% of our families remaining in their cars for drop off and pick up. Remaining in your car will help our process and will actually make things go quicker.

A vast majority of our students have done a great job separating from moms and dads and are beginning to attach to the teachers and staff. Although there is some initial crying at arrival time and during some transitions, all the children are exploring their new school, visiting the learning centers, meeting new friends, and internalizing the new schedule and their routines. This is wonderful to see and I am glad to hear the and see the learning that is taking place at Bethune.

Families, we need your help. You can help us by returning all paperwork distributed by teachers. The Discipline Form, Suspension, Exclusion and Expulsion form and the Student Information forms need to be in the teacher's red clip boards. If you have not sent in your paperwork, please help us and turn it in this week.

If you have not sent a change of clothes to school for your child, please do so. We are noticing that we are in need of these items if there happens to be an accident.

Frog Street Curriculum

This week our theme is My Feelings. Our students will practice the deep breathing techniques that are used to calm upset feelings.

Next week we will begin a study on our families. We will provide picture frames to all students so that you can share a photo of your family. The picture frames will are 8"x6" with a 5 1/2" x 3 1/2' photo space. Please send a picture of your family so we can put them in the picture frames and post them at school. Please let your child's teacher know if you have stipulations concerning how the picture is placed in the frame and would like the photo back.

Upcoming Events

Goal Setting and Moving Forward


Our teachers are working on getting to know the academic and social needs of your child. We will prepare lessons that target skills that our students need to work on so that they are prepared for Kindergarten. The teachers are checking skills this week and next week, please help us by sending your child to school daily.

Exended Date for Immunizations


You have until September 22, 2021 to submit your paperwork for proof of immunizations, if you have not yet done so. Please let the nurse have a copy of your paperwork so that your child may remain in class after Wednesday, September 22, 2021.