Ancient Mesopotamia



1. Mesopotamia was located inbetween two rivers. The rivers are called the Tigris and Ephrates Rivers. Mesopotamia means the land inbetween two rivers.

2. The answer is the picture.

3. The type of climate that is in Mesopotamia is hot and rainy.

4. The present-day country that Ancient Mesopotamia is located in is Iraq.

5. The approximate distance from Elm City to Mesopotamia is 6372.69 miles which is 10255.57 kilometers.


1. The Hittites, Kassities, Assyrians and Chaldeans were all civilization that had once lived in Mesopotamia.

2. The requirements for a civilization are an urban revolution, political and military structures, social structure (based on economic power), development of technology, development of writing, religion, forms of art and culture.

3. Hammurabi's laws were important because with out laws there wouldn't have been any justice. It didn't matter if you were rich or poor. If you committed a crime and were found guilty you were punished.

4. The first law I found interesting was the seventh law which was "If any one buy from the son or the slave of another man, without witnesses or a contract, silver or gold, a male or female slave, an ox or a sheep, an ass or anything, or if he take it in charge, he is considered a thief and shall be put to death." The second law I found interesting was the sixteenth law which was "If any one receive into his house a runaway male or female slave of the court, or of a freedman, and does not bring it out at the public proclamation of the major domus, the master of the house shall be put to death." The third law I found interesting was the one-hundred fifty-fifth law which was "If a man betroth a girl to his son, and his son have intercourse with her, but he (the father) afterward defile her, and be surprised, then he shall be bound and cast into the water (drowned)." The fourth law I found interesting was the one-hundred ninety-fifth law which was "If a son strike his father, his hands shall be hewn off." The fifth law I found interesting was the one-hundred ninety-seventh law which was "If he break another man's bone, his bone shall be broken.

5. Gilgamesh was the king of Urak. This is his story..... One day Gimgamesh and his friend were bored of every day life and wanted adventure. Then, they heard about this terrible demon named Humbaba. Humbaba lived in the forest of cedar trees. He killed anyone who tried to cut down the trees. When Gilgamesh and his friend heard of Humbaba they set out a once to find and kill Humbaba. After, traveling for fifteen days they finally came to the forest. When they got into the forest they were about to cut down a tree but Humbaba showed up. He said "You and your friend better leave before I kill you." When they didn't leave Humbaba tried to kill them. Humbaba swung his arm at Gilgamesh but Gilgamesh dodged. Then, Gilgamesh took his sword and cut of Humbaba's head. Finally, after they cut down some trees, they returned home. When the returned home everyone rejoiced because finally the terrible demon Humbaba was gone.


1. The people who lived in Mesopotamia farms by building irritations and canals.

2. Poisioned fields help the collapse of Mesopotamia because if irrigation water is let on the fields and evaporate it leaves behind mineral salt. If this happens and they cut off the flow of water it flows through the soil too quickly. If this happens erosion becomes a problem.

3. Mesopotamians ate bread, meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables. They drank beer and milk.

4. Those civilization choose to live near bodies of water so their crops would grow better.

5. The steps to farm each year in Mesopotamia are getting the water you are allowed each year. Then, you need to adjust regulator so that the water runs from the canal into an irrigation which ran alongside the farmer's fields. Finally, the farmer gets the water his fields need.


1. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon is one of the 7 wonders of the world and is said to made the gardens to please his wife Amytis. She wanted a garden in her home. The gardens were destroyed by several earthquakes after the 2nd century BC.

2. These are 4 inventions from Mesopotamia the wheel, checkers, cylinder seals, and cuneiform. The wheel is important because without it it would probably be hard to go from place to place. The game checkers is important because it is an good game to play to pass the time. Cylinder seals are important because without it the people of Mesopotamia wouldn't have been able to sign off on things. Cuneiform is important because it was the first type of written language and it also lead to modern day written languages.

3. Cuneiform was the first written language and it was the Sumerians who invented the language.

4. The 4 different kinds of classes are priests, upper class, lower class, and slaves.

5. A ziggurat is a temple. The ziggurat is for religious ceremonies and festivals.

This is cuneiform and my name in Cuneiform. (This is for number 2 and 3)

This is a ziggurat. (This is for number 5)