Nick Reget

Plans For Reconstruction

Lincoln's Plan

Lincoln planned to bring the south back into the Union as quickly and easily as possible to avoid this vulnerable time and to restore the Union. President Lincoln had devised a 10% plan. This plan would replace majority rule with "Loyal Rule". Lincoln did not consult with congress about reconstruction. He planned to pardon all citizens of the south, except for highest ranking military officers. 10% of the voting population would be required to take an oath of loyalty and recognition.

Johnson's Plan

Johnson agreed with Lincoln on easily bringing the South back into the Union. He was also a white supremacist and would obviously not give equal rights to African Americans.

Congress' Plan

Congress wanted to punish the South when bringing them back into the Union. They wanted the south to take a more strict oath.

Racism and Discrimination against African Americans

Voting Rights

African Americans were not given voting rights unless they could read and pay the poll tax. Many African Americans were so poor and uneducated that they could not vote due to the poll tax and the literacy test.

Ku Klux Klan

The ku klux klan took a more violent initiative to stop African Americans from succeeding and becoming more and more equal in society. They hung or beat or killed for just simply being a different color. Many African Americans were afraid to become known in society for defending their rights due to the ku klux klan.

Protection of Rights

People like Booker T. Washington and Ida B. Wells were people who stood up for African Americans to help them get better equality in society. Wells wanted African Americans to stand up to whites who were segregating them and whites who were just disrespectfull. Washington wanted African Americans to become successful in life and set an example for the rest of the African Americans who were scared to do such a thing.

Civil Rights Amendments (3)

13th Amendment

The thirteenth Amendment was ratified in December, 1865. The thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery in the Union. This would later abolish slavery in all of the United States, once the south lost the war.

14th Amendment

The fourteenth Amendment guaranteed the rights and security of freed people, constitutionally. This was a punishment directed towards the south for denying African American citizens the right to vote.

15th Amendment

The fifteenth Amendment granted all male citizens the right to vote. Women were still not able to vote. This was a big step forward for granting African Americans true freedom.

Effects of Black Codes on African Americans

The Black Codes in the south guaranteed that African Americans would not succeed. They also guaranteed a stable labor supply. These white supremacists in the south wanted to restore the system that there was before the war. Many African Americans were forced into sharecropping due to the fact that was the only thing they had experience in.

End of Reconstruction

The Compromise of 1877 marked the end of the Reconstruction Era. The Republicans withdrew the troops in the South in exchange to have Hayes become president. This marked the end because the North proved that they trusted the North by withdrawing the troops.