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St Cecilia's Catholic Primary School - June 2019

Happy retirement to Miss de Normanville

Many moons ago, back in September 1991, Miss de Normanville walked through the doors of St Cecilia's for the first time and started her teaching career. Well 28 years have flown by and we have been so pleased to have Miss de Normanville with us throughout her career - a remarkable achievement! I've enjoyed looking back at many photos over the years in recent days, I can see that Miss de Normanville has thoroughly enjoyed her time at St Cecilia's.

She has now decided that it's time to retire and so after teaching over 900 children in various classes over the years we will wish her a very happy retirement at the end of this term. She has remained such a valued and cherished teacher and colleague, we are truly going to miss her.

Sports Day - this Friday - 28th June

Many thanks for your patience with the postponement of Sports Day to this Friday. It would have been a miserable wet day - looking to the weather this Friday it was a good decision. We have been fortunate that David Weir and our bus company have been so flexible in their arrangements, a big thanks to them.

We look forward to welcoming you to the David Weir Centre this Friday morning from 0830. If you are parking at the event please use the field opposite the David Weir site, the car park at the centre has restrictions on it and will probably be full. Please park in neat rows so that we can get everyone in and out easily! Please be patient and wait outside the gates to the track until the field is ready and staff are in place. We are there from 7am setting up and preparing the events.

If your arrangements have changed and you no longer need the school bus please contact the school office at and let the team know. We have some families that are desperate for a place on the bus - thank you.

The weather is much better with the French heatwave warming up the UK for the weekend!

Please remember that your child should:

  • be in PE kit with a baseball cap
  • have a bag with a water bottle and sun cream
  • have a packed lunch unless you have ordered one from the school.
  • wear a house colour shirt

We do not mind some tribal facepaint in house colours etc, it's a fun day!

Please join us for the picnic in the middle of the day, bring lunch with you, your child may join you, however children must not leave the venue or go upstairs into the cafe.

Safety first:

  • Adults must wear the ID bracelet on arrival at the centre and for the duration of the event.
  • Keep back behind the event tapes at all times - we do not want a child to run into you or to trip over whilst running at speed.
  • Keep out of the trackside toilets - they are for children only - even if you have a child with you.
  • Adults must always use the toilets inside the centre.
  • At the end of Sports Day we will dismiss children who are going home by school bus first. Please wait until they are on their way before departing the stadium, it's important that the staff can clearly see them on their way to the school bus on the main road.

It's going to be a great day, thanks to those parents and governors who have offered to support the class teachers and staff on the day - we appreciate you!

Baby News

Congratulations go to Mrs Dean, Miss Fenner and Mrs King who have announced their pregnancies with autumnal babies. Lots to look forward to! We have already been working on recruitment of temporary staff to cover their absences, details will go out with the class information at the end of term.

Kick off your shoes - for other children in the Gambia.

On the last two days of term we are very happy to receive donations of schools shoes that are in good condition for Bijilo Nursery School and Bijilo Lower Basic School in the Gambia.

Travis Carroll from Year 6 and his Mum will be collecting the shoes for one last time before Travis heads off to secondary school. On the last two days your child may wear trainers if he/she has donated shoes.

Please hand the shoes in at either school gate during morning arrival. Last year they packaged up and sent off dozens of shoes if not hundreds - thanks for your support for this project and well done to and god bless the Carrolls for their commitment to this project and the children of the schools.

Library Reading Challenge

The Reading Challenge, to visit the library and read 6 books over the summer holiday will be taking place at libraries across the UK. This year the challenge has the theme of a space race there are different stickers and bookmarks each week. Pop along and register, your library will have more information. We also have information in our school library.

Parent Teacher Meetings and Annual Reports

We have parent teacher meetings taking place next Tuesday and Thursday. We hope to publish reports to you on Monday, they will arrive in your email inbox as a pdf. This is our first time using the Pupil Asset system to compile reports, the staff have been incredibly patient as we have all been learning the new system at the same time.

With your report email we will include details of our Point in Time Assessment system, where we use 7 different levels to indicate attainment from "well below" to "well above."

The new colour coding system will show you the current level of your child's attainment. For most pupils in Years 2-6 we are also indicating expectation in reading, writing and maths based on previous attainment.

Your invitation to parents evening will be sent through "Parent Evening Booking System." Please don't forget to sign in with the name that you have provided to the school, this is probably a formal name. The link will follow tonight.

I will be at main reception during parents evening with a cup of tea or coffee for you on arrival and will be glad for feedback on the new system. It will be enhanced further in the new year when through the Pupil Asset App you will gain more detailed analysis against curricular targets.

Cleaner - Position available.

We do have a vacancy for someone to join the best school cleaning team ever! Monday to Friday from 3-6pm in term time with some additional holiday working. If you are interested please contact the school office - they have more information.

Holy Communion Mass

Thanks again to all those involved in the First Holy Communion Mass, it was a lovely sunny day and Bishop Paul really enjoyed meeting you all. The children sang and spoke so beautifully, well done all!

PTA Summer Fair - Saturday 6th July

Everyone is busy getting ready for the fair. We have a dance troupe on the stage at 12 midday and the usual favourites with some lovely new ideas. Look out for the colourful posters around the school site, the PTA team are also sending out emails through the school office.

Here is a reminder of the donations list, thanks for your support!

  • Nursery - Wrapped Sweets (eg Haribo) and unwanted new toys or games suitable for Toy and Sweet Tombola.

  • Reception – Wrapped Sweets (eg Haribo) and unwanted new toys or games suitable as prizes for Toy and Sweet Tombola.

  • Year 1 – Soft Drinks for café – Multipacks or Fruit Shoot or litre cartons of orange/apple or pineapple juice.

  • Year 2 – Wrapped Sweets (eg Haribo) and unwanted new toys or games suitable as prizes for Toy and Sweet Tombola.

  • Year 3 - Wrapped Sweets (eg Haribo) and unwanted new toys or games suitable as prizes for Toy and Sweet Tombola.

  • Year 4 – Soft Drinks; 1ltr/2ltr bottles of Lemonade, Coke/Diet Coke to be used by the bar. (Please buy ‘’Coke’’ or ‘’Pepsi’’ rather than generic brands)

  • Year 5 - Soft Drinks; 1ltr/2ltr bottles of Lemonade, Coke/Diet Coke to be used by the bar. (Please buy ‘’Coke’’ or ‘’Pepsi’’ rather than generic brands)

  • Year 6 – Small cakes and packets of biscuits for the café.

In addition we would also very grateful for donations of:

Homemade cakes on Friday 5th July 2019

Bottles – Mufti Day Friday 5th July 2019

We look forward to seeing you on the 6th!

Dates for the remainder of the school year

Reports Published

Monday 1st July

Summer Parent Teacher Meetings

Tuesday 2nd and Thursday 4th July from 3.30 to 6pm.

PTA Summer Fair

Saturday 6th July - lots of help is needed on the various stalls, please contact them via to offer your support.


Wednesday 10th July

From 3.30pm. to around 7.30pm.

Library closes

Thursday 11th July

All books must be returned to the school library by today, please help your child to return outstanding books.

Kick off Your Shoes for the Gambia

Thursday 18th and Friday 19th July

Yearbook Publication

Thursday 18th July

Work goes home
Thursday 18th July

End of the School Year

Friday 19th July

We do have a special end of Year Mass on the last day at 9.15am to which Year 6 parents have been especially invited, naturally all parents are welcome to attend.

At 1130 on the green playground and field area we will have the clapping out ceremony. Parents are most welcome. Dismissal will be at 12 midday from the usual collection points, although Year 6 will go home from the field. Please come along to wave and cheer Year 6 and Miss de Normanville as they start their new adventures.

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