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Message from Geordie

Afternoon everyone and thanks for helping this week run so smoothly! While the Scorchers looked disorganised and unprofessional in the Big Bash final, our community were onto it from Day one!

It has been a fantastic start to the term with the weather finally turning it on yesterday and there has been lots of fun and learning in our classrooms! It was great to see so many families walking or riding their bikes in the sunny, mild conditions. I would particularly like to thank all the parents and staff here at St Bernie’s for their organised start to the term; our students have come in energised, excited and ready to go! I was so relieved to see parents were across the COVID restrictions and were able to see the funny side of things as they came through Drive-through or dropped kids off to class!

I would also really like to thank everyone for my lovely warm welcome to St Bernadette’s. I have had some lovely emails and conversations with parents, and your children have been REALLY enthusiastic and friendly. I have also had a number of discussions with parents about St Bernadette’s and how things run here. All my conversations have been respectful and have had the student’s best interests at the centre of the conversation. Our Leadership Team are committed to working with our community to provide the best education for our students and appreciate all your support.

While it isn't the start we had all planned, we are really hopeful that things will return to 'normal' as soon as possible. Please know that we are as keen as you are to be able to lock future events into the planner, however in the current environment we are required to follow directives from Government, the Health department and CEWA and these can and do change - often quickly!

Please note that the Parent Information Evening (I had originally planned for Week 2) is not being held as planned. Children are now settled in, parents have received comprehensive teacher booklets and I am keen for teachers to focus on setting up good classroom routines and teaching programs to support their children. I do, however, encourage parents to make a time to meet their teacher if they have a specific concern or need to discuss their learning. Good communication is important. I hope that once restrictions lift, we can organise a more relaxed opportunity for parents to meet and get to know their child’s teacher.

Finally, COVID continues to teach us all to be patient, to not 'sweat the small stuff' and ultimately to be grateful. This week at St Bernadette’s we are very grateful for the gift of each other. Think about the people who have really 'made' your week - perhaps with a warm smile, a friendly word, or an offer of help. Think about the staff who have been busy preparing for your child's arrival and working so hard to settle them in happily. Likewise, WE are really grateful for all of you - your encouraging emails and friendly hellos at drop off, along with your cooperation and flexibility really make our day!

Have a great weekend, enjoy the sunshine! I am pumped to be going to swim around the Busso Jetty on Sunday.

Geordie Thuijs


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Welcome Mass and Student Leaders 2021

Congratulations to our Year 6 Student Leaders who were presented with their Leadership Badges this morning! We had a beautiful service with our PP - Year 6 classes.

A big thanks to everyone for coming in so reverently and to those students who played a part in the mass. It was a really lovely way to start the year.

External Providers on-site

Here at St Bernadette’s, we are committed to working with parents to support the needs of all the students in our school. We believe that students learn best when they have a well organised, calm and consistent learning environment where teachers know their students well and teach them at their point of need.

In order to keep this consistent approach, we ask that where possible parents keep external agencies outside of school time. We do have a small number of rooms available for some agencies to come in, for example OT or Speech Therapists, however we ask that this be organised through Melanie Resuggan, our AP. This will help us to make sure we have adequate space and it fits with the school timetable.

School Start Times

Just a reminder that students should NOT be dropped off before 8.15am. We do not provide duty of care before this time. The front gates will be unlocked from 8.15am in the future.

Class time will start from 8.35am so please do your best to have students here on time.

A Safety Message from our Crossing Guard

Please remember to walk across the crossing. Students should get off their bikes and scooters at the red line and wait for the guard to blow his whistle.

Do not use your mobile phone while crossing the road, Police regulations are in place to prohibit this.

Please walk straight across the road and do not cut across the crossing bollard.

Canteen Term 1

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St Bernadette's Parents & Friends Association

Welcome to the school P&F where everyone is welcome to join.

If you would like to find out what is happening at our school, please join our P&F Facebook page:


Amended Term 1 Calendar 2021 and live Google Calendar link

School Term Dates 2021

Term 1 Monday 01/02/2021 - Thursday 01/04/2021

Term 2 Monday 19/04/2021 - Friday 02/07/2021

Term 3 Tuesday 20/07/2021 - Thursday 23/9/2021

Term 4 Monday 11/10/2021 - Friday 10/12/2021

Pupil Free Dates 2021

Friday 23/04/2021

Friday 04/06/2021

Monday 19/07/2021

Monday 16/08/2021

Monday 24/09/2021