Xi Persei ( Menkib )

By: Matthew D'Souza


Luminosity- The relative quantity of radiation emitted by a source (a star)

Absolute Magnitude- The magnitude of a star as it would appear to a observer at a distance of 10 parsecs or 32.6 light years.

Apparent Magnitude- The magnitude of a celestial object as it is actually measured from Earth.

Light Year- A unit of astronomical distance equivalent to the distance that light travels in one year.


  • Mass- 31 solar mass or 61.66E30 kg

  • Absolute Magnitude- +4.06

  • Absolute Magnitude- -4.70

  • Spectral Type- O or O7lae

  • Luminosity- 330,00 Lsun

  • 1770 light years away from Earth

  • Xi Persei is classified as a Blue Supergiant

  • Surface Temperature- 35,000 Kelvins

  • Color- Blue

  • A few million years old (couldn't find exact age)

  • Interesting facts
  1. One of the hottest stars that can be seen with the naked eye
  2. Part of the Perseus constellation
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Extra Facts

  • Xi Persei can be seen as part of the California nebula

  • Has stopped hydrogen fusion

  • In between a blue giant and a blue super giant

  • It is traveling a high speed away from its birthplace

  • It will explode in the next million years

  • It is an unstable star

  • It blows powerful stellar wind