Electronic waste

Jacob Whitcomb, September 16, 2014

Ways to help


Cannibalizing is removing from a machine or product and use that to build another one.

This could be a successful way to break down the computers because we won't have to send them to other countries to burn them, so it will eliminate pollution, health hazards and stuff like that. Plus it will help reduce the amount of money it cost to make new products.

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Donating or Hand me downs

I believe an effective way to "get rid" of old electronics would be to pass them down. If you passed them down it will give better opportunities to like schools and other business that need electronics. This will also push back how much e waste is produced yearly.

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Selling products to companies, organizations, schools, ect.. This could give them cheaper hardware, screens or anything else so they can use them effectively.. You could use the money from selling these products and put it towards helping with the e-waste problem.

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