Helping the world!


Look at the images. Where do you think it is from?

Give your rubbish a new job.

Recycling is a great idea, but before you throw your rubbis into a recycling bin, stop, and think. There are lots of other things you can do with your rubbish.

-How about giving your old books, toys, clothes to charity? The charity will give them to children who need them.

-What about taking old boxes and newspaper to pet shops? They will use them to make beds for the animals.

-Why not take old magazines to a local doctor’s surgery, or a hairdresser? They will put the magazines in the waiting room for patients to read.

-Why not keep the bags that give you in the supermarket for next time? You can reuse them.

-Don’t forget keeping the bottle cap to help people who is ill!

Your rubbish can be useful to other people. Find a new home for your old things and help your town.