Chief Cornplanter

Indian War Chief

Otherwise known as

Gaiänt'wakê, Kaintwakon

was his real name

About The Chief


He was the son of a Seneca mother, Gah-hon-no-neh (she-who-goes-to-the-river), and a

Dutch father, an Albany fur trader named Johannes "John" Abeel. Cornplanter is considered an indian due to the fact of matriarcal family tracings. This means that the mother decided what race you were. Born into the highly respected Wolf clan he was a well off individual. His father was quickly accepted into indian society because he was a gunsmith so they used him to fix their weapons. He was not very well known until the French and Indian war in which his tribe joined the side of the French. This is where he earned the title Chief Cornplanter because he became a war chief. Though the mighty chief outlasted death in battle he couldnt win the war against time. He died in 1836 due to what is believed to be natural causes, however this is a possible conspiricy because no one was there to give a primary source.