By: Hyssop Cha

Romania's history

Romania wasn't one of the founders of the Europaen Union. Romania joined the EU on 1/1/2007. Romania never was part of another nation. Romania is souh of Ukraine and west of the Black Sea.

Romania's flag

Romania's flag has the colors blue, yellow, and red. Blue means truth and loyalty, Red means hardiness, bravery, strength, and valor, ad yellow means generosity.
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Romanian Cities

The capital of Romania is Bucharest. Four other main cities are Iasi, Cluj-Napoca, Napoca, and Timisoara.


From Bucharest,a ride along the Danube River can bring you to an intact medival town in transylvania.

Fun facts

Romania has the tallest wooden church in the world in Sapanta Peri.

The modern jet engine was made by Bucharest born Heri Conada.

Romanian born Nicolae Paulescu discovered insulin.