Performing Enhancing Drugs

The life of Diego Maradonna

PEDS used by Diego Maradonna

Deigo was caught using cocain during his soccer career on the Napoli Italian team later on, he then suffered a 15 month suspension from the team. Mr. Maradonna also took ephedrine as a stimulant to do well during the 1994 FIFA World Cup and was caught after a random drug test as result to, he was thrown out of the tournament. This put a damper on his soccer career and life.

The Cons of using cocaine

Here are some of the reason why it is very bad to do drugs or to misuse drugs:

  • Expensive
  • Physical effect/ condition
  • Depressed
  • Irritated easily
  • Takes away appetite
  • Increases in criminal mood
  • Bad health
  • Addictive
  • Deadly

The Pros of using cocain

This very reasons may be why Diego did smoke cocaine:

-more energetic

-high, relaxed

-communication increases

-more creative

-self confidence

-excitement increases

-good for medical reasons (asthma)

The pros of ephedrine

Later on, Maradonna once again got caught using another enhancing drug called ephedrine here is a list of the pros of using this stimulant:

-fat burner

-weight loss

-gain energy

-losses appetite

-produce body heat

-burns calories

-boost energy

-helps with medical situations

-increases blood-pressure

The cons of ephedrine

Ephedrine is a very useful drug for certain medical reasons but there is side effects to everything drug you use, hers a list:

  • chest pains
  • headaches
  • high blood pressure
  • dizziness
  • seizures
  • stroke
  • heart diseases
  • addictive
  • mood swings
  • sweating
  • heart throbs

Consequences for using this PEDS

Deigo Maradonna suffered a lot from doing the drugs such as :

  • 1980 suspended for 15 months for using cocaine
  • 1994 during the world cup (FIFA) failed drug test for using ephedrine, therefore thrown out of the world cup.

Types of PEDS

Performing Enhancing Drugs

-steroids = Juice, Roids, Gym candy, Pumper, Stackers and A's.

-Erythropoietin = Poe, EPO and wonder drug.

-Human Growth Hormones = GH and Growth

-Ephedrine = Ephedra, Boncholate, Tedral, Mahuang and White cross.

-Caffeine = C-Pills, yellow jackets, The caf, Java, Joe, Black Gold, Eye Openerand Get and Go.

-Amphetamines = Fet, Powder, White, Whizz, Fettle, Throttle, and Base.

-Methamphetamine = Beannies, Chalk, Cinnamon, Crypto, Fast, TIck tick, Redneck cocain and Speed.


- Anabolic Steroids = Arnolds, Gym Candy, Pumpers, Weight Trainers & Gear

- Tetrahydrogestrinone = THG and The Clear

- Marajuana = Pot, Weed, Dope, Ganja and Urb

- Beta- 2- agonists = Relievers and Bronchodilaters

- Erythropoietin = EPO & The Wonder Drug

- Human Growth Hormones = GH , Growth


- Clenbuterol = Clen

- Winstrol = Winny- V, Wnstrol- V & Winstrol D

- Testosterone = Test, Cyp, Depo-Testosterone & Andro- Cyp


- Steroids = Roids, Jumper, Stackers ect..

Background Information on Drugs

When did dopping start ?

Dopping went way back to around the ancient Greek times,Greek athletes were know for them using performing enhancing drugs suck as caffeine and cocaine.Back then they used stimulants and anabolics by both genders.

What are the punishments of an athlete using a prohibited substance ?

The first thought of banning and making rules of prohbiteing drugs was in 1928 by the IAAF) .To this day after finding about the Lance Armstrong situation, WADA is now trying to makes the rules harsher and more stricter for illegally using drugs, such as if an athlete is caught with his or her first offence its a 2 year ban, if caught again in a second offense its for life. Now they did this to diminish the rates of how many athletes are using Performing Enhancing Drugs all around the world.

Who was the first athlete to get caught using PEDS ?

In 1904, Thomas Hanks was one of the first people to use a stimulant in a sport during the Olympic Games in Saint,Louis he nearly died cause he had mixed it with strychnine and other deadly drugs like heroin, cocaine and coca leaves.In the 1920s, this drug could only be accessed with a prescription. It was also used to keep you energetic and fight fatigue but Thomas Hank did not admit to doing the drugs to win the marathon.

What type of testing done throughout the season to catch performing cheats

Test that are done are urine samples and blood test to find if the athlete has actually taking a substance. Scientists say that taking urine samples are easier to find the substance because there is a higher concentrations of the possible drug(s) and low protein than doing a blood test. Therefore less proteins easier to find the mystery substance drug !