Healthy and Unhealthy Snacks

Munch Munch


Bananas are personally one of my favorite fruits. They have many benefits to your health. They have a lot of potassium, has little fats and sodium, and they help you mentally by sending serotonin to your brain. So next time you are hungry, go and grab a good ole' banana.

Cheetos Puff

One of my temptations is Cheetos Puffs. I need remember that they are not the greatest health choice for me to make. They are packed with sodium, have a high amount of total calories from fat, and do not have many healthy ingredients. Try to stay away from those nasty Cheetos Puffs.

Green Peppers

One of my favorite snacks to grab on the go is green peppers. Not only is it delicious, but it is also very healthy for you. It is packed with vitamin c, has very little fat, carbs, and sodium, and also has a ton of vitamin a. So next time you are craving something juicy, eat a green pepper.


Twinkies are horrible for you. They are filled with fat, have a ton of sodium, and don't have very much good vitamin for you in it. So stay away from those little boogers.


Apples are always a great thing to have around the house. They are so juicy and also very good for you. They have almost no fat, give you energy to keep you going through your day, and also decrease the risk of cancer. So eat more apples!

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake is something you should steer clear of. It is filled with fats, has a ton of sodium, and has no good nutritional value really. So next time you spot that chocolate cake, try to take a better choice