The World's Most Popular Pop Artist

Early Life

On May 5th, 1988, Penny Adkins and Mark Evans gave birth to Adele Laurie Blue Adkins in Tottenham, London. Adele's childhood consisted of moving around a lot, and she attended 10 different schools, but she mostly stayed in Tottenham. She lived with her mother, and they often found themselves living in government-subsidized housing. Adele only lived with her father until she was 2 years old because he was a major alcoholic and left the family.



Growing up without a father and moving from house to house in a bad part of London might not be the best combination. At the age of two, Adele's father, Mark Evans, left her and her mom, and left Adele to grow up without a father. But this event was more than just her growing up without a man in the house. At an early age, Adele started drinking. With her broken relationship with her father, Adele searched for the love and affection she never got. She would find herself being with the wrong guys and drinking to heal the pain of heartbreak. As her career grew bigger, so did her drinking problem. Midway through her first tour, she allegedly had a drinking problem. One night on tour, she was so drunk, she fell off the stool she was sitting on and forgot the lyrics to her own song!

From an interview in 2012 with Marc Shaprio, he says that after Adele met Simon Konecki, it made all the difference. After falling in love with him, she cut out drinking to a large extent. He also states that Konecki loves Adele for who she is and is helping her deal with her rough past.

Body Image

Many young girls and women around the world experience bullying about their weight/size. Adele is always being picked on about her size, but Adele is totally fine with the way she looks. She highly stresses that she doesn't let her body image get in the way of her and her career. "I do have body image problems, for sure," she said. "But I don't let them rule my life at all," she told The Spectrum's Jenny Eliscu. Instead of giving herself a hard time with how she looks different from everyone else, she embraces the things that makes her different and unique. She encourages women to think positive about how they look and embrace their differences. But it hasn't always been this way. While Adele was in school, she experienced bullying. Although she might have been fine on the outside, she was torn on the inside. But she has learned to think differently about what critics say and stay positive.


For the last 4 years, people have been wondering where Adele has been. Well, for the last 4 years, Adele has been trying to quit smoking. Being a singer and a smoker don't mix well, and that's exactly what Adele was. She never had the idea to quit smoking, until she completely lost her voice in 2011. Canceling shows and having surgery to fix this tragedy, it was either quit smoking or face the end of her career. Luckily, Adele made the choice that would benefit her and her fans. Now she goes to Susan Hepburn, a hypnotist, to help her quit smoking for good. Even though the cravings are still there, she wants to focus on her career.

Charitiable Work

When on tour, Adele requires all of her backstage access fans to donate a minimum of $20 for the UK charity Sands, which supports anyone affected by the death of a baby and promotes research to reduce the amount of loss of babies' lives. She has also contributes her musical talents to many charitable events. But the most impactful work she has done for the world is her gift of music. Her newest song, "Hello" loved by many ,and has been #1 on Billboard Hot 100 for 5 weeks in a row.

5 Things You Never Knew

  1. Adele received her first record deal after her friend posted a demo on MySpace.
  2. Adele's laugh is famous! Apparently it's called the "Adele Crackle" and is so well known that it has its own YouTube compilation video!
  3. Her second album, Adele 21, broke the record for the most weeks being #1 in the UK, and she is the first female artist to hold the #1 spot for 18 cumulative weeks.
  4. She has 5 tattoos of which two are for her son. She has one on her left wrist, one on each hand,one behind her right hear, and two on her left wrist.
  5. Adele is not allowed to drunk tweet! She revealed that she was banned from using her Twitter account by her management team after drunk- tweeting one too many times.


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