La Tour de Nederlands

A tour in the low lands (and some other places too)

Low Lands

Saint-Ghislain, Belgium: Ockeghem was born here. This place in Belgium is remarkably nice and quite, with a few villages here and there.

Amsterdam, The Kingdom of the Netherlands: Sweelinck moved here to work. Amsterdam is a nice place, as long as you know where to go.

Deventer, The Kingdom of the Netherlands: Sweelinck was born here. Deventer is a nice place, where marsh meets forest. There's also not that big of a population here.

Cité de Hainaut, Belgium: Josquin was probably born here. Yes, we're not sure if this is the place where he was born but it is a nice rural area not too far from Saint-Ghislain.

Other Parts of Europe

Italy & Germany

Rome, Italy: Josquin probably sang here. Rome is rich in historical sites, however it's not really the beauty it once was. But it's still beautiful.

Rimini, Italy: Dufay lived here. Rimini is a big coastal town. It's life is both vibrant and water based. There's a lot of of water attractions here.

Naples, Italy: Lassus lived here. The constructions here are beautiful because most of them are ancient ones. It's also close to sea. However some parts are better than others.

Munich, Germany: Lassus also lived here. Munich is a very vibrant area with a lot of life, light, and beer. It has an interesting mix and match of old architecture and new one too.