Adult Strength Training 101

Free intro class to weight training at the Caps Fieldhouse

Learn the safe and efficient methods of weightraining.

Trainer, Vic Grabowski is offering the Caps Parents the opportunity to learn about and try a weight lifting session. The continued classes will provide professional guidance and training to develop overall strength and improve so many facets of your physical and mental health: including, but not limited to: balance, flexibility, agility, injury prevention, lower blood pressure, metabolic efficiency, increased bone density, lower cholesterol, self confidence, etc...

April 16th and April 18th, 2018 at the Caps Fieldhouse

Caps parents are invited to sign up for a free intro class and to explore work out options that can work into your schedule. We are even offering a special program to be able to work out during your child's soccer practice:

Free Class is offered:

Woman's class - Monday - April 16th - 6 to 7 pm

Men's class - Wednesday - April 18th - 6 to 7 pm

Class size is limited to first 10 persons per gender.

register at -