Tustumena Staff Newsletter


Remember the contest.

Twas the Week before Christmas and all through the school,

Not a student was slowing nor starting to drool,

The homework was hanging in baskets to grade,

While teachers were bustling report cards to be made.

When down through the halls there arose such a clatter

That I sprang from my desk to see what’s the matter

Then down by the gym, but what should I see

Mr. Michaels preparing his clothes on one knee

He put his finger to his lips and said a small “shoosh”

“I’m preparing to win again with a “Whoosh”

His garments they sparkled, beneath his out clothes,

Then he winked with a smile and a touch of his nose.

“The best way to win is to shock and to awe,

We don’t have to worry this day ‘bout the law.”

So prepare yourselves now for the contest with glee

You may end up laughing so hard, that yes, you may …

School Yard Habitat is about to become "Real"

This newsletter will be edited and updated later this week with parent news and more.

I wanted to make sure to get this newsletter out early because we have a lot to talk about at the staff meeting tomorrow morning. I will update this letter for next week, so be sure to look again after Thursday.

Agenda for Wednesday 12-12-12

  • First- Discussion- Today is the last time you will experience the month, day, and year all the same. How do you plan to make today special?
  • Dress Rehearsal Thursday at 1:30
  • Dancers Monday at 11:00
  • Santa is Coming to Kasilof- Friday, Dec. 21 at 4pm
  • School Yard Habitat becoming reality
  • Report Cards?
  • Good of the order?

From Parent Newsletter:

Happy New Year!

Okay, I am a little early for New Year’s but this is the last newsletter until January 11th. There is a lot going on between now and then. Teachers are finishing the end of semester assessments so they can close their grade books before vacation. The report cards will be coming home on January 14th so if you have any questions about how your child is doing at school, please contact them or look on Power School.

As I mentioned last week, Santa will be in the area three times (four if you’re counting Christmas Eve) within the next couple of weeks. Saturday, December 15th at Rocky’s Café from 11-1, Thursday, December 20th during our reindeer games, and Friday, December 21st from 5-7 at Tustumena Elementary (Santa Claus is coming to Kasilof). So he and his elves are in high gear.

On Friday December 21st, even though the kids will be home, teachers will be at work with me. Our agenda will be:

· Matching assessments to grade level standards

· Improving questioning skills to build student collaboration

· Using formative assessments to enhance instruction

· We will also be using out lunch time to celebrate the season and each other

In January, I will have more information to share with you about the Soldotna Area Schools configuration discussions that will be taking place. For now, there is a meeting scheduled to collect input from teachers and community leaders. That input will influence any outcomes or recommendations from our school district to the School Board.

I will also have more information about the Boys and Girls Club programs that will be offered in the spring and in the fall. Michele Hayman, (yep, my wife) is our new Kasilof Boys and Girls Club site manager.