Pre-school Teacher

You learn something everyday if you pay attendtion

5 tasks

1) Teach basic skills such as health, social development, personal hygiene, and good behavior.

2) Teach children up to 5 year of age

3) Prepare class activites

4) Read books to entire classes or small group

5) Provide materials and resources for children to explore

5 working conditions

1) Part time schedule are common

2) many teacher work he traditonal 10-month school year

3) seeing students develop new skills and gain an appreciation of knowledge and learning can be very rewarding.

4) preschool teacher in private programs and schools generally enjoy smaller class sizes

5) preschool teachers working in day care settings often work year round

Degree/Certificate/Training necessary

Degree:an associate degree is the minimum formal education required for this occupation, some may require a bachelor's degree.


hourly: $10.24 - $27.89

yearly: $21, 300 - $58,010