Al Capone

Cam Erickson

Capone's Early years

Al Capone was born on jan/17/1899 in brooklyn/New york to gabreal and teresina capone who were immigrants from italy.Capone had A rough childhood and grew up in a bad town.

At the age of 14 he got expelled for slapping a teacher.

Capone's Cimes

As Al capone grew up he started bootleging,Gambling, and started buying resturants and other buildings to make money. Even if They didnt want to sell the company they would have to because al would threaten them with his gang. Johny torrio was Al's boss and they both had a A huge rivalry with Bugs Moran.Al Capone hired a hitman named jack mcgurn and invited some of Bugs morans gang to come to a valentines day party and he shot all

6 of them.

Prison for Capone

On June/5/1929 capone had 22 counts of tax evasion and was sentenced to 11 years in prison at the penitentiary. He spent 8 months there where he had a luxurios cell.After 8 months they sent him to Alcatraz in 1930. Capone did the laundry.On June/23/1936 while he was working in the laundry room he got stabbed in the back by james"Texas bank robber"Lucas Who had stabbed him with a pair of shears he had taken from the prison barber shop.

His Final days

Capone stayed in Alcatraz for three more years untill he got realesed in 1939 and taken to a hospital in Baltimore.Until March of 1940. For his last years he went to palm beach in miami. Where he spent seven years.On January 25,1947 in palm isalnd, Miami Beach,FL

he died of cardiac Arrest.