how to limit overpopulation


The overpopulation issue has been a somewhat new problem in society over the past few decades. As the standard of living increases, the mortality rate decreases causing the rapid increase of population worldwide. As a rusult, many countries, including china, have put a limit on how many children a family is allowed to have. it is estimated that in years to come the population will start increasing at a far more rapid rate than before and make the world a lot more crowded and harder to live in for most people. This can cause a world wide lack of resources.

Pro population control

- conserve natural resources

- reduce city size

- less conflict over resources

- higher education rate

- save Forrest's and plants

- reduce green house gasses

- would use less energy

- would help certain industries

Against controlling population

- interfere with nature

- disrupt natural processes

- people wouldn't be able to have as many kids

This video explains the effect of overpopulation on the earth.